The 2019 IdeaFunding pitch competition was our most competitive year yet! Meet our finalists below!

IdeaFunding focuses on earlier stage companies that have raised less than half a million to date and accepts diverse industries like food and retail.  

The IdeaFunding Pitch Competition is a part of TENWEST Impact Festival

Main Stage Pitch Competitors

These five companies will compete during the keynote luncheon for $25,000, sponsored by UA Venture Capital.  They represent diverse industries and founders, but what they have in common is a passion and a plan to build a strong company in Arizona. 

Braless Clothing Company

We design and produce clothing for women who want to go braless yet still want to be comfortable and modest.


We perform high throughput selection of fast growing, feed efficient aquatic organisms

to improve producer profitability and drive sustainable production.

Ceres AgTech

Developers of the Pollidrone technology that provides an intelligent, highly scalable solution to pressing sustainability issues in date farming and beyond. 

Page A Day

Page A Day Math is a comprehensive program for ages 3-9 that teaches math facts and penmanship through a series of beautifully illustrated books.


We create active Insulation  products to reduce energy costs for residential and commercial buildings.

Industry Vertical Pitch Competitors

These companies will compete from 4:00pm -4:45pm in industry specific rooms such as SaaS/Tech, Med Tech, Food Entrepreneurs, and Consumer Products. They are competing for prizes valuing $5,000 in cash and services. 


Adom is a smart home ecosystem utilizing data-driven smart devices with an intuitive app that allows seniors to be in control and their loved ones stay in the know. 

Go English Chat

We are a peer-to-peer platform for conversations between intermediate and advanced English Language Learners (ELL) and native English speakers (NES).


Our technology eases the college preparation process for students, parents, and counselors.


Lunos provides intelligent, individualized advice to help improve sleep based on the gold-standard
treatment for insomnia.

What's Cooking

Mobile app to coordinate neighborhood
meal-sharing and other sharing of
resources to address social isolation, community disconnect, and accessability of healthy meals.  

Arizona Baking Company

ABC Products offer an approachable,

ethically-sourced, unique way

for home chefs and foodies to

experience heritage

foods and the delicious baked

goods that can be made with them.

Exakt Technology

A bluetooth enabled, form fitting shirt that collects and streams summarized data to
doctors near real time with medical grade accuracy

By recording the patient’s data and treatment path, we are developing a machine learning
model to predict an A-Fib event before it happens and which treatments are most effective.

Homer Farms

Homer Farms technology both manages food waste, and produces fresh food for large-scale organic waste producing 

organizations like schools and grocery stores. 


We are creating the first surgical training platform for
vascular surgery.

97th Ave - Cycling Apparel

We use high quality materials to  design preformance apparel tailored for female cyclists. 


We have created and

developed unique

flour blends and recipes that yield gluten-free bread so

delicious that it changes people’s expectations for the


Develops drugs for progressive scar tissue deposits that can chronically arise in areas of the body including the lungs, liver and intestines.

Insulin Initiative

We sell top-quality
insulin at the lowest possible cost in the United States.

Scintillation Nano-


Nanotechnology solutions for
radioisotope detection that enables better understanding of biological pathways.


ElectroSonix  dramatically improve speed and accuracy of electroanatomical mapping thereby reducing ablation errors, patient complications,
and procedure cost for advanced cardiac arrhythmias.

Globally Good

Our software leverages mobile technology and the cloud to automate the collection of data generated by volunteering.

Our online tools make managing volunteers, opportunities, training, and release/consent forms easier and more efficient.


We produce whole leaf tea with full-spectrum hemp. 


A telehealth marketplace where Hispanics can
consult doctors all over the world

This year's pitch competition would not have been possible with out our partners and sponsors:  

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