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We only run courses when the community fills them.

Review how the process works below, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all! ​​

Scroll through the current offerings below and reserve your spot for the courses you would like to attend. 

When the course has filled, we will schedule the date and time and give you plenty of advanced notice  to plan (about 4 weeks). 

We have indicated in the descriptions about when the courses will take place (for example "1 hour in on a weekday evening") and the price of the course. 

Only after the date and time have been set will you be asked to submit  your payment  

(if there is a course fee).

Intro to Business Finance
EOS 101: Positioning your Company and your Team for Operational Excellence
Project Management Isn't Sexy: Principles of Agile
Commerical Real Estate for Entrepreneurs
Introduction to Intellectual Capital: From Blank Slate to Exit, Managing Knowledge To Maximize Value
Leadership Foundations - Transferable Skills for Success
Sales for New Ventures
Financial Basics for Non-Financial Founders
Customer Discovery Workshop
Getting a Job in Tech
Learn How to do Software Testing
Exiting Your Business with BlueStone Venture Partners
IP Basics: Understanding Intellectual Property

We invite topic experts and partner organizations to add courses to the Startup Tucson Course Catalogue.

Courses are reviewed and vetted by industry leaders on the Startup Tucson Advisory Council. 

Is you are interested in adding a course to the course catalogue, click below to start the process.

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