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connection services

This unique one-to-one service has been designed to help entrepreneurs in our Startup Tucson Network to stay on track with their growth goals and fully leverage local resources to accelerate their business.

Startup Tucson Network Members can request Connection Service appointments, up to once per month. Through these structured sessions, you'll tell us what you're working on and get referrals to relevant resources, mentors, education, and opportunities in the region that will help you take your next step in your company's growth. 

You'll also develop a concrete list of next-steps with built-in accountability (you can only sign up for your next coaching session when you have progressed in the goals you set for yourself).

As your business idea develops and you demonstrate your commitment to growth, you "unlock" high-level introductions to investors and key industry leaders. We get you the right connections at the right time in your process. 

To get started, submit the Request Form below to help us us connect you with the right team member for your meeting.

how it works
Hold on. Why is this free? What's the catch? 

We knew you were smart. But don't worry it just costs your time.  About 30 minutes a year. 

As an economic development nonprofit, we rely on grants and funding that require annual reporting on the economic impact of the work that we do. That means that we need your help. 


A couple times a year we will ask you to complete a survey that helps us measure our impact in economic terms. Your data is de-identified for reporting and secure. Completing these surveys allows you to stay active in the Member Network and retain access to all these great benefits! 

We appreciate your part in helping us to measure and track the role of entrepreneurship in our community’s economic vitality. 

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