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As an Entrepreneur


Fascinating research out of Startup Genome confirms what we have known all along -- one of the best and easiest things that you can do to grow your business is to get involved in building your cities startup community.  That means showing up and giving generously to your fellow entrepreneurs your time and skills. 


At Startup Tucson we strive to create spaces and opportunities where supportive relationships can be fostered. We are committed to being a welcoming place for all -- but also one where you will be pushed to keep growing and keep moving forward.  


In addition to free community events and entrepreneur education, we created The Startup Network to make sure we are growing as a ecosystem and as individual entrepreneurs.  Joining the Startup Network is easy (and free!).  Read more about the Startup Network, the benefits you get from being a member, and how to get started.

As a Mentor


Startup Tucson can offer our corporate sponsors a huge platform to broadcast your message and your brand to the entire innovation community, not only locally but regionally. We can offer digital and live promotion to over 20k activite community members who include our region’s most influential innovators and thought-leaders.  Depending on the audience you would like to reach and your communication goals as an organization, you have the flexibility of sponsoring Startup Tucson, TENWEST Festival, IdeaFunding or a combination of the three.  

You are in great company as a sponsor of these events, check out our impressive list of sponsors and explore all of our sponsorship packages. 


As a Donor

As a non-profit, Startup Tucson is committed to serving entrepreneurs with low-cost/low-barrier high-quality, wrap-around services. This is essential to our mission to making entrepreneurship accessible to diverse communities and early-stage companies. Your donorship dollars are tax-deductible and can be used to directly sponsor entrepreneurial education and innovation ecosystem building. We would welcome in-kind or creative donations as well!  Contact Courtney Pulitzer our Director of Development and Administration for more details or donate directly below.

As a Partner Organization


Our core belief at Startup Tucson is that collaboration across the innovation ecosystem is the best way to help our entrepreneurs, grow our cities economy, and transform the narrative of our region. We firmly believe that we cannot be all things to all people at all times. We have deep respect for the incredible diversity of entrepreneurial support organizations in our city and we are honored to partner with an incredible group of innovation leaders.  We have found that having formalized partnerships is the more direct way to allows us to have the greatest impact, achieve our mutual goals, and streamline efforts on both sides. Whether the partnership includes cross-promotion, referrals, or co-created content and events, we are dedicated to fostering productive and supportive relationships with diverse organizations in the innovation space.


We would love to explore what a partnership would look like with your organization and how we can help each other succeed and grow.  Reach out to Liz Pocock to get the conversation started. 

As a Policy Leader


Startup Tucson works to transform Southern Arizona’s economy through entrepreneurship-- we are advocates for policies and projects that benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses.  We would love to connect with policy leaders to champion their cause and tell their stories. Reach out to our team for more information.