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Startup Fundamentals

Startup Fundamentals is a six-part series (including Startup 101) that provides a foundational footing to launch or grow your company at an affordable cost. After completing this complete series, you are eligible for the Momentum Mentor Sprint.

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The Startup Fundamentals Series takes you step by step through the process of building the smart, scaleable business of your dreams. The five part series that saves you time and money as you launch or pivot, giving you solid business foundations, a supportive community, and access to the qualified experts and resources you need to prepare you for success. 

About Fundamentals
What's Included?

Upon completion of the Fundamentals Series, you will gain a better understanding of your customer, your competition, and the market by focusing on:

  • How your business can solve a true problem for your customer

  • How to make yourself stand out against the competition

  • How to get your first customer to give you their money and be excited for your solution

  • How to whip up low cost and quick experiments to test out new ideas

  • Only the most important legal and financial components you need in place 

  • Confidently and effectively presenting your idea and company to others


You'll also walk away with:

  • A snapshot version of your business plan to share with mentors and continue to refresh as you learn

  • A business and financials checklist to help you determine tangible next steps

  • Customer interviews to help you design better solutions and confidently market your business

  • A polished pitch deck to share with others and help you tell your business story

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