Corporate Innovator

Intrepreneurship is the art and science of continuous innovation within established companies. 

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or service, streamline existing processes, or provide engaging professional development or continuing education for valued employees, Startup Tucson offers a suite of services for you.

Looking to inspire innovation?

Is you business feeling a little lack-luster?  Do you need to revamp a product or service to better address a changing market? Has your customer base changed?  Does your team need a jump-start in productivity? 

Startup Tucson offers applied lean startup methodology through advanced workshops, consulting, and customer discovery research to help your established business thrive in the modern marketplace. 

Overview of corporate Innovation Services

Apply lean startup skills to make your business or organization more effective.

Startup Tucson offers a number of workshops and professional development services for established companies who are looking to improve their current operations or who are looking to explore new products, services, or revenue streams. 

Check out the options below to explore how we can help you! 

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Check Out More Great Education Opportunities!

In addition to the programming above, we offer a full line of Advanced and Technical Workshops that may also be helpful for your company.

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Employee engagement & volunteerism

Your employees have valuable skills to offer entrepreneurs and by volunteering to mentor, they can make a valuable impact our community -- and have a great time doing it! 

Startup Tucson's mentors are some of the more prestigious business leaders in our region, with expertise in a wide range of industries. We have multiple types of mentoring and advising opportunities available.


A Professional Development Conference Like No Other 

TENWEST Impact Festival brings together thousands of professionals and regional and national speakers to investigate the grand challenges of our time in a multidisciplinary, interactive, and creative format. It is an exceptional opportunity for professional development and team building. Employers can use bundle pricing to make this festival accessible for their employees. 


consider a corporate Membership

Your support makes a difference! 

Startup Tucson is a 501(c)3 and we rely and sponsors and donors to ensure that we are able to keep our services and accessible to all. If you are in a position to sponsor scholarship and programming, you can make a lasting impact in our community. Our corporate members receive a wide variety of sponsor benefits in recognition of their contribution, including certain professional development opportunities. 


Student Intern Placement

Connect with the best and brightest for FREE summer interns!

Startup Tucson partners with an innovative program at the University of Arizona called TIMESTEP to place talented technically savvy students in local businesses. The best part is, it is free for the company as the program will provide the students with the summer stipend. 

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