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Applications close on April 23rd 

We know that women are excelling in their business and companies and make a difference every day in our community.  Studies show that women business owners start businesses at 3x the rate of their male counterparts and female entrepreneurs, especially women of color, account for the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the country.

Our goal is to make sure that today's female business owners have the tools they need to succeed in the business community and can take advantage and seek out various opportunities in their path.

EMBRACE is a full-day workshop designed to provide emerging young women in leadership positions, especially founders, with the educational support they need to elevate their leadership skills and businesses and in turn, their greater community.

“Great Leaders don’t set out to be leaders,

they set out to make a difference.”

~ Moniek James

Why a Leadership Workshop?

We as women face critical decisions daily that impact us, the people around us, and women coming up behind us. It's important that we are confident in our ability to make these decisions and take steps that benefit our businesses, employees, and peers.


During EMBRACE, we will look inward and externally to find a path that allows us to step into who we know we are and can be. This one-day workshop will provide participants with a boost of encouragement, power talks, and networking and will assist individuals in developing a tangible strategic leadership plan. 

EMBRACE is not another "feel-good manifest it and it will come true" type of workshop -- instead, it is designed to give you the tools to empower you to make the next steps actually happen. 2020 was a hard year and many of us have been left feeling like we are scrambling to start this year with our best foot forward. Our team feels the same way and are excited to join our participants to do the work together. 

During this workshop, guest speakers focus on developing each participant’s leadership skills by teaching them how to:

  • create solid foundations

  • build success roadmaps

  • craft their mission and vision statements

  • and understand their positions as leaders


Together, let's amplify our voices to make a lasting impact.

A proud recipient of the Breakfast Club of Tucson 2020 Grant, Startup Tucson is pleased to be able to scholarship 30 women to participate in this workshop. Complete the application below by April 23rd to be selected as part of the class.

By applying, you acknowledge you are available to participate in the full-day workshop on May 21st from 10am - 3pm on Zoom. 

"Am I a good fit?"

The defining feature of EMBRACE is a space for you to own your leadership or to step into a place of leadership with like-minded women.


If these statements describe you, you're a great fit for the program:


  • You are excited to be connected to and learn from kick*** boss ladies who are founders, leaders, and women taken their space unapologetically. 

  • You are passionate about working towards a vision of Tucson that is vibrant, equitable, and a supportive place for entrepreneurs to grow and build their companies. 

  • You do **NOT** have to have to be a founder.  You can be working to get into a leadership position, starting a company, or a leader in the community. This is a space for you to learn, share and grow. 

Still aren't sure if it's the right fit? Email keneshia@startuptucson.com with any additional questions.


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