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Leadership Foundations - Transferable Skills for Success

As an entrepreneur, you are your company’s biggest ambassador. In order to build momentum and support you will need to quickly, effectively, and powerfully communicate with potential customers, investors, strategic partners, and employees.

Leadership Foundations - Transferable Skills for Success
Leadership Foundations - Transferable Skills for Success

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

Communication is essential to taking your company to the next level, but many founders struggle with this critical skill set. In this comprehensive, face-to-face course, you will focus on skills to: :

  • Help you ease into critical conversations necessary to network
  • Pitch your ideas, products or services with confidence
  • Master communication skills necessary for employees, investors, customers, peers, mentors and groups
  • Save you time by running meetings more effectively
  • Hone your ability to speak in impromptu situations
  • Develop leadership techniques
  • Ensure excellent customer service
  • Create the rapport building skills of effective listening, small talk, and remembering names
  • Set you apart with an impactful first impression

This five-week course meets once each week for three hours. The weekly spaced repetition allows participants to practice their new skills both in and out of class, resulting in lifelong changes. Personalized professional coaching between each session assists you in achieving your desired goals.

Here’s What You Will Learn

Participants will:

  • Master the essential skills required for leadership positions
  • Improve communication and social skills
  • Speak more confidently to small, or large groups with confidence that sets them apart
  • Expedite their career goals

The course will be held in three- or four-hour sessions, once a week in afternoons or evenings, depending on the needs of students. We will let you know when the course has filled and schedule it with plenty of advanced notice (about 4 weeks) so that you can plan accordingly.

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