Have more questions about our Remote Tucson Program? Learn more below!

How do I determine if I'm eligible for the Remote Tucson program?

To be eligible as a participant to receive perks and benefits under Remote Tucson, you must meet the following requirements: - Currently be residing outside of Tucson and able to move to Tucson within 6 months of being accepted - Already be a full-time remote employee for a company outside of Tucson and Pima County - Be 18+ years old and eligible to work within in United States Full Terms and Conditions are found here.

What if I already live in or just relocated to Tucson and work remotely?

Unfortunately, our program is designed specifically to support those that are currently residing outside of Tucson so you would not be eligible. However, Startup Tucson would love to help you plug into the innovation ecosystem in other ways if that is something you are interested in. You can email us at info@startuptucson.com to find out how.

Wait, this program doesn't help me find a remote or other job in Tucson?

No, this program is specifically designed to incentivise those with current full-time remote work positions to relocate to Tucson. However, we have assembled a list of locations that might be helpful if you are looking for a remote or other position in Tucson. See below: Remote Jobs - Flex Jobs - Remote.co General Job Boards For Arizona - Simply Hired - ZipRecruiter - Indeed Local Talent Recruiter The Talent Store

Now that I've applied, what's the "catch"?

No catch. This program is specifically designed to help provide a soft-landing for remote workers that want to relocated to Tucson. Our package is meant to give you a little extra reason to choose our city as your next home.

When will I learn if I've been accepted to the program?

First of all, thank you for your application and interest! Applications for the 2021 cohort are open from October 1 through October 31. We will spend the month of November reviewing applications. We're planning to notify semi-finalists in early December and make final offers by mid-December.

Why is Startup Tucson running this program?

As an economic development organization, part of Startup Tucson's mission to contribute to the positioning of Tucson as a city that nationally known as a great place to work, play, and live. We are also working to support our innovation ecosystem, including the qualified mentor pool for startups in our community.
Remote Tucson is a coordinated community initiative to entice talented individuals who are currently employed in high-paying remote work positions to permanently relocate to Tucson while continuing to work remotely for those same employers, therefore stimulating our local economy. While the individuals we seek will be employed, we see them as assets to our innovation community through their levels of education, experience, and technical skills. Their engagement in our innovation community as peers, mentors, and industry connectors will add incredible value to our ecosystem as a whole.

Why Remote Workers?

Unlike traditional "talent attraction", under this program, workers stay employed in their current positions allowing them to continue to have pull in outside markets, maximizing their lifetime economic impact in Tucson. Not only are remote workers funneling outside dollars into the economy, but as a remote employee, the likelihood of increased travel to and from headquarters (from the employee
and other members of their company) and the potential to encourage company functions to take place in Tucson, such as corporate meetings and conferences to stimulate business tourism, is only increased.
Remote workers do not replace current opportunities for local residents, and therefore are net positives for growth and economic development.

As a Remote Worker am I required to have a business license?

The City of Tucson does not require a business license for remote workers unless your unless your business becomes classified as a home-based business (i.e. you are seeing clients physically in your home). If you have specific questions on this, visit the business license website here.

Is this program associated with Tulsa Remote?

No. Remote Tucson is not affiliated with Tulsa Remote and is independently owned and operated by Startup Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.