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Fascinating research out of Startup Genome confirms what we have known all along -- one of the best and easiest things that you can do to grow your business is to get involved in building your cities startup community.  That means showing up and giving generously to your fellow entrepreneurs your time and skills. Startup Tucson, as the concierge to the innovation ecosystem is a welcoming and easy way to start your journey or take your company to the next level. 


At Startup Tucson we strive to create spaces and opportunities where supportive relationships can be fostered. We are committed to being a welcoming place for all -- but also one where you will be pushed to keep growing and keep moving forward.  


In addition to free community events and entrepreneur education, we created The Startup Tucson Network to make sure we are growing as a ecosystem and as individual entrepreneurs.  Joining the Startup Tucson Network is easy (and free!).  Read more about the Startup Network, the benefits you get from being a member, and how to get started.

Free Events

Startup Coffee

Startup Coffee is a free, weekly  discovery event for Tucson’s innovation and creative community. Every Wednesday morning we come together to learn, to connect, and be inspired by entrepreneurs in our community.  Featured guests are longtime mentors and mid-stream startups who share their triumphs, challenges, and lessons learned.

Startup Drinks

Startup Nights is a free, evening networking event for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tucson. Hosted monthly, attendees are invited to reconnect with Startup Tucson, mentors and each other. Events are enhanced by the collaboration with partner groups to expand the opportunity to meet new people, receive feedback and exchange ideas

Partner Events

Startup Tucson deeply believes in collaboration across the ecosystem, which is why we partner with every major entrepreneurial organization in the city and across the region. We cross list partner events to make it super simple to stay in the loop.  Startup Network Members get special discounts and exclusive invites to many of our partner events

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