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We know that restaurants are not the only businesses who have lost income as a result of the COVID19 Crisis. Many brick-and-mortar, professional services, and event businesses have also been impacted.

Our hope in creating Tucson Shops Tucson is to help small and micro-business owners see a bump in sales and traffic to their website by creating a platform that exposes them to new audiences.  We are stronger together. 


Similar to  how to-go-restaurant-round-ups have helped these business, we have created this digital "market" as a way to generate more attention for you and your business.  Like a market, we will not be managing any of the transactions -- we simply redirect them to your website to complete their purchase in your site.


If you need help to think through how to best leverage this platform -- we are happy to provide FREE business coaching to assist! This service is for YOU. 

We chose the theme of "gifts" to help focus customers and motivate quick sales. We are reminding customers that special occasions like birthdays, mother's and father's day, marriages, and anniversaries are still happening,

crisis or no crisis. 

Our goal is to assist and include as many companies as possible, but we do have some rules, regulations, and best practices that we think will make this effort more successful for every company involved.


Please review these and the example posts carefully and then submit your product. 

We will get back to you as quickly as we can, but please be aware there may be delays due to demand.  

If you would like to submit more than one product or have additional questions about submitting, contact

Example of a Priced Product

Example of a Discount Package

TIP: To make it easy on the customer, if at all possible this should link directly to the product on your own website. 

TIP: This "gift package" can be listed under several categories (ex. romantic, experience, self-care several wellness, but with slightly different text and images. 

TIP: Because this deal requires a registration date, include information about rescheduling. 

Sample Submissions

TIP: Use fun catchy titles and short, simple descriptions

TIP: Strong images are a must!

Tucson Shops Tucson Vendor Form

(FYI best completed on desktop- gets funky on mobile)

You are a locally-owned buiness

Tucson Shops Tucson Vendor Form

If you would like to submit more than one product or have additional questions about submitting, contact

Which Category Does Your Offering BEST fit under? Select up to three
If your offering requires a date (ie. a reservation) do you offer penalty-free rescheduling?
I agree to complete a survey about the results of being listed in the marketplace (ie. increase in traffic and/or sales etc)
I agree to support the cross-promotion of the Startup Market (ex. participating in a launch campaign)
You agree to fulfill the order in a timely, professional manner, using CDC recommended practices for any packaging/shipping (ie. sterile environment/use of clean gloves etc)
You agree to complete the payment processing on your website
Upload An Image of the Product/Service
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