Become a Mentor and Change a Life

High quality mentorship is an essential  building block for new companies.  Giving your time as a mentor is critical - and it can be a lot of fun too! 

The Value of Mentorship

When you are an entrepreneur at the beginning of a venture, there is no substitute for hands-on guidance from individuals who have been in your shoes, who have experienced the joys, the fears, the tests of personal resolve. Startup Tucson values and relies on mentors to provide truly transformative, growth-focused services.  If you are an experienced entrepreneur, we would love to invite you to explore the many ways you can give back to entrepreneurs who are early in their journey.

FAQ's of Being a Startup Tucson Mentor

Who "qualifies" as the ideal mentor? 

Mentors are individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience. They commit to working with companies out of a shared value of building a strong innovation community.  They share their knowledge and guidance freely, and open their networks when appropriate.  Because Startup Tucson is "industry agnostic"  we are seeking highly qualified mentors from diverse industries-- from creative sectors to technology sectors - - and that enjoy working with founders at various stages of their development. 

What does a Startup Tucson mentor do? 

Startup Tucson invites mentors to participate in our educational programming as instructors, as guest speakers/panelists, as hands-on advisors, or as pitch competition judges. As part of our Startup Tucson Network & Connection services, mentors can choose to be an "as-needed" resource for specific questions, topics, or industries.  Mentors can also choose to sign up to coach a company for the long term.  How you participate depends on your availability and interest. By filling out the mentor survey (linked above),  we can be sure to pair you only with the opportunities that match your interests. 

What is the time commitment for being a Startup Tucson Mentor? 

We value our mentor's time and we understand that many of our mentors have companies that they are running as well, which is why we want to ensure that mentors let us know how many hours they would like to commit to mentorship.  When an opportunity arises, we will ping the mentors who have expressed an interest in that type of activity and then mentor's can indicate if they are available. 

Will there be any training for mentors? 

Startup Tucson is developing protocols for the best way to assist mentors in the mentoring process.  We are establishing tools to implement best practices and helpful tips to ensure that entrepreneurs and mentors have the best possible experience.  We anticipate that some brief training will be available as a resource and a recommended activity for Startup Tucson mentors. 

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