Startup Tucson provides  pre-accelerator business education, mentoring, and support for early stage startup companies. 

Whether you are a fresh graduate or on your second (or third!) career, Startup Tucson will guide you  step-by-step through the process of growing a idea into a thriving business.

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Free Discovery EVEnts

Not ready to dive in quite yet?  Join us for our free Discovery Events, to meet our team, other entrepreneurs, and get tons of great information from business leaders in our community.  Events like Startup Coffee, Startup Nights, Black Business Town Hall, and Innovation Economics are a great way to dip your toe in the water as you consider taking the leap! 

Startup Tucson is definitely worth investing your time with if you are an entrepreneur. They will help you gather your thoughts and organize them in a way that will more effectively be translated to customers

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Programs & Services for first time founders

Start your journey with Startup Labs

Startup Labs is our orientation course, designed to help you start building a solid foundation for your business plan.  

This course if offered monthly for $10.00. Once you complete the course you are eligible to join our free Network Membership program. 

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Startup Fundamentals series

Startup Fundamentals narrows down the essential skills you need to build a successful business, from idea to launch.

After completing from this series you will have the tools you need to gain customers, enter your idea into a national accelerator program, nail an investor meeting, or sail through a pitch competition. Wherever the next step is for your startup, the Startup Fundamentals Series will prepare you for success.

Pre-accelerator strategy
FAST-TRACK to funding 

Need capital to launch? Get started here.

For companies that will be seeking either venture capital or will be looking to secure funding for their product, we have additional specialized courses in partnership with Community Investment Corporation (CIC).  After completing Fundamentals and the Fast Track to Funding, you will be pre-qualified for funding opportunities through CIC


A two-month ​structured mentoring program to build momentum and accelerate your growth. 

Startup Tucson's mentors are some of the more prestigious business leaders in our region, with expertise in a wide range of industries.  After you complete Startup Fundamentals, we will pair you with a mentor who best fits your current needs.  Each mentor has been specially trained in our methodology and has committed to deliver two months of hands-on mentoring to give your company the push it needs to elevate to the next level. 

Free network membership

Community is essential to launching a successful business

After you have completed Startup Labs and completed a survey called the "Growth Tracker", you are able to join a free membership program for active entrepreneurs. 

Your membership comes with loads of benefits and exclusive offers so be sure to take advantage of it! 

The alumni of our early-stage services have gone on to launch successful companies, win pitch competitions, secure venture capital, and land coveted positions in nationally recognized accelerators and incubators. 

We are proud to have played a role in helping their founders find success, however they define it. 

Alumni successes

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