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The Role of Digital Businesses in the Resiliency of Local Economies

On May 21st, Startup Tucson and Professor Mossberger discussed the academic research detailing online presence of microbusinesses and their economic impact as never seen before. Please find the recording below.

New research, based on data provided by GoDaddy from 20 million websites, has recently revealed that small-scale entrepreneurs provide major spillover benefits into their communities and that counties with more of these types of ventures were faster to recover from the last recession than other locations. Join us as we discuss this novel new study and what it means for entrepreneurs and communities with one of the researchers, Professor Karen Mossberger from ASU’s School of Public Policy. Professor Mossberger will present key insights derived from the study and discuss what implications these have for public policy in cities like Tucson.

The work [Startup Tucson is] doing with startups and microbusinesses is so important for innovation and growth….One of the findings that we thought was important was that even in counties with relatively lower rates of broadband use that ventures made even more of a difference. I think this is because they are filling a greater need in these same places. I do work on broadband adoption and digital inclusion, too, and am aware that Tucson has lower rates of broadband subscriptions than many other cities. So, what you are doing there is clearly important, including helping people to acquire the digital skills and strategies they need to grow their businesses.”

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What is Innovation Economics?

Innovation Economics is our new series on stats, stories, and startup successes. Every month we will invite a national thought-leader to join us and share the work that they are doing to support all types of entrepreneurs and local economies.

  • We focus on sharing why entrepreneurship is so critical for economic development.

  • We highlight what community can do to set startups up for success.

  • We explore these new ideas and use them as inspiration for policies and programs here in Tucson.

Startup Tucson is a economic development non-profit that is working to support entrepreneurs and startups here in Tucson Arizona. We serve approximately 3,000 entrepreneurs a year through our educational programming, mentorship and networking opportunities.

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Read the full NY Times article.

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