LONELY PLANET:Would you relocate for $10,000? These US spots are offering incentives for remote work

With offices shut and face-to-face meetings replaced by Zoom calls, many workers are taking the chance to do their jobs from a distance. Being untethered from the office means they're free to live where they want, and some are leaving behind high rents and clogged cities for close-knit communities and more affordable homes.

And as the shift to remote work continues to grow, a handful of states are offering financial incentives and other perks to attract these remote workers to their area. These places tend to offer more space, a lower cost of living, and an abundance of outdoor opportunities. If you want to try living someplace new, either temporarily or permanently, you might find what you're looking for here.


Startup Tucson’s pilot program, Remote Tucson, is accepting remote workers from any industry to come to Arizona's second city. Each will receive money to relocate, alongside free internet, moving assistance and other incentives that are worth more than $7,500 in total. New residents will be also be paired with community ambassadors to help get them settled into their new home. Additional perks include sunny Tucson's warm climate, eclectic culinary scene (it was designated a Unesco city of gastronomy in 2015), great coffee shops, low cost of living, and abundance of outdoor recreational experiences. To apply, see here.

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