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Meet the 2nd round of our Remote Tucson Cohort!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Across the country, remote workers seek out new places with a higher quality of living to call home. Arizona, in particular, has risen to prominence in the national discourse as an ideal place for the next generation workforce, including remote workers. Identifying an economic development opportunity, Startup Tucson launched the Remote Tucson initiative to thoughtfully relocate new professionals to the Tucson area.

Of the Remote Tucson applicants, we specifically selected people not just for their economic benefit to our community, but for their A) likelihood to become a long-term, engaged community member b) adding a needed subject matter expertise to our community (high tech industry experience), c) diversity in race/ethnicity/gender/family makeup d) passion for our community and community contribution/volunteerism.

Learn More about the Impacts of the program here.

Meet Tucson's latest arrivals!

Read more about each of our Remote Tucson applicants below.

Dylan and Megan

Both myself, Dylan (He/him, 28 years old) and Meagan (She/her. 27 years old) are NY born and raised. I spent my whole life in Queens and she grew up in Long Island (we don't think we have strong accents). Coming with us is our almost 2 year old mini golden-doodle, Nala, who loves all people and dogs. We both work for Luxottica (Sunglass Company), but for different departments. I love a good adventure and my hobbies are cooking, video games, bowling, booze, dancing, and plants. Meagan is the handy/artsy one in our relationship so while I am in the kitchen she is most likely building some furniture or making costumes for a show. In NY she is involved in her local theater community both as an actor and costume designer and would love to continue that in Tucson. We are excited to meet new people and explore the southwest!

Atsuko, Trent, Leif and Hiro

I'm Atsuko. I'm a senior business program manager at a software company, focusing on employee engagement, diversity & inclusion and business strategy & performance management. I'm also a life/leadership coach working with clients who are willing to overcome their blockers and transform their life.

My family and I are from Woodinville, Washington. Woodinville is a nice foresty suburb of Seattle, famous for micro-wineries/breweries/distilleries. My husband (Trent) and I have two boys, Leif (8) and Hiro (6). In summer time, we enjoyed going on hiking, biking, clam-digging and other outdoor activities. In winter, kids enjoyed occasional snow days while us parents stayed inside complaining about rainy, cold days that felt like lasting almost for half a year... When indoor, we enjoy spending time together playing board games, watching a movie or just being goofy.

I am super excited about moving to Arizona, especially the Tucson area. Our family visited AZ for the first time in summer of 2021. I fell in love with the sun, cacti and the gorgeous sunset. We also almost died from heat and dehydration when we got lost during the hike...which traumatized our oldest, and now he says he doesn't want to go hiking anymore - We definitely plan to fix that problem and spend lots of outdoor time as a family once we move! I'm looking forward to meeting the new community, making new friends and learning a lot about life, culture, and tips & tricks on living in Tucson!

Seth and Family

Seth grew up in Santa Cruz, California but has lived around the world, including cities across Germany, the United Kingdom, New York, Arizona, and New Mexico. He specializes in Industrial and Supply Chain AI as the COO of, and has founded, funded, scaled, bought and sold dozens of companies around the US, including 6 in the Phoenix Valley, over the past 2.5 decades. Seth met his wife in Phoenix, Arizona, and started a family with first two boxers pups, then two boys, now 12 and 10, both born in Scottsdale. Although startups pulled him back to Silicon Valley for the past 9 years, his wife is a Tucson native, with most of her Family still local, and school rivalries scattered between U of A, ASU, NAU and Thunderbird. She’s a nurse and they’ve decided to return to Arizona to be closer to family, enjoy the Sonoran Desert Lifestyle, and contribute to the local Tucson startup ecosystem and the greater Tucson Community.

Monica, Seana and Hailey

The Wilson sisters were drawn to Tucson for its culture, welcoming community, and access to the outdoors. Originally all from Portsmouth, Virginia, and having traveled the country for school and work, they are excited to live together again for the first time since childhood.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Monica (left) started her career in central Virginia as an Environmental Scientist having worked in consulting in the Washington DC area as well as working in sustainable architecture in Richmond, Virginia for five years. She then became a remote worker and digital nomad in 2020 and lived in Denver, CO for the last two years. Monica hopes to use her experience in STEM, career pivoting, and public speaking to make a positive impact on the Startup Tucson community.

Seana (middle) majored in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism at Radford University and began her career as a Program Coordinator on Fripp Island, South Carolina before becoming an Interpretive Park Ranger at Paradise Creek Nature Park that services the Elizabeth River, a significant military and commercial port for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Seana is excited to explore Arizona after her experience completing a service project through the Partners in the Park Program where she camped in Zion National Park and backpacked throughout the backcountry of southwest Utah.

Hailey (right) is excited to be a part of the Tucson community where she hopes to make new connections in furthering her passions and interests in agriculture, ASL awareness, and land conservation. She also previously worked for the Elizabeth River Project as a Conservation intern. Having been a local artist in Portsmouth throughout her childhood and in high school, Hailey is excited to meet local makers and artists in Tucson and tour the many art galleries in town and artisan markets.

Hank and Bryan

I'm Hank, a returning Tucson lover/advocate. Anyone who will listen will get an earful on all the great things about it and what to do if you visit. I'm an Arizona native who grew up spending a lot of time outside with my family camping on 3 wheelers searching for treasures out in the desert. I'm huge into hunting for the best kept secrets around town (most often food as well as art and artsy-people, music - anything community). Volunteering is important from mentorship, to rainwater harvesting landscaping, to public health advocacy. I am a product researcher and designer, which means I get to learn about people and how they think/work/live and try to build technology that works in harmony with that - rather than making people form themselves to the machine. I'm a life long learner, so I'm really excited and grateful to have access to a group like Remote Tucson who have attracted some of the best and brightest locals and newcomers (especially those former DC-ers)! I'm particularly obsessed with learning more about urban planning, native plants and ecological restoration, exercise that doesn't feel like exercise and behavioral economics.

My partner Bryan will be joining me in Tucson. He's a DC native, incredibly creative and thoughtful person. Bryan is a civil engineer who has spent his career building mixed-use housing/business/retail for rural and urban settings (Philly, DC waterfront, etc). He's incredibly handy at home, able to visualize and execute anything from a historic home restoration to contemporary mural painting. Bryan is super curious and open to new experiences; huge concert goer, and on the other end into medication and self improvement; and big science guy, from fossil hunting to astronomy and existential unknown of the greater universe.


Hi everyone! I am Lillian, and I am so excited to be moving to Tucson! I am 23 years young and coming from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, where I have resided most of my life. I am ready to see amazing things, make new friends, establish new connections, work hard, and enjoy daily life. It is truly an exciting time to be able to have a community like this and the opportunity to connect with you all beyond our current understanding. Thanks for this opportunity!


My name is Moaz, it's pronounced exactly how it's spelt! I used to call Tucson home and am super excited that after 3 years, Remote Tucson is giving me the opportunity to call it home again. Professionally, I am a Resource Manager at Microsoft but in my spare time I love playing sports, going on hikes, and checking out new coffee shops. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and exploring what cool new things Tucson has to offer!


I was born and raised in the outskirts of Los Angeles. I attended Cal Poly Pomona for undergrad and graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Botany. I have great admiration for nature and the outdoors. I am an avid distance runner, I run ultras. I enjoy trails, mountains and open space. I have never lived outside of SoCal and actually never thought of leaving until visiting Tucson. I am excited for the open space and outdoor activities. The college town's sense of community was a bonus and alternative to the dense city living in LA. I have a fur child who has taken over my life and as a typical millennial- "I am buying a house to give my dog the best life and backyard he deserves in Tucson."


I am a research wildlife biologist and I conduct scientific research on a variety of wildlife species. I have also volunteered in the past with many different animal/wildlife groups, including zoos and animal shelters. In my spare time, I love to hike, camp, and explore the outdoors. I am very excited to be moving to Tucson and cannot wait to experience all that the city and the surrounding areas have to offer!

Amanda, Mattia and Renzo

I'm Amanda, a native Tucsonan- born, raised and stayed until I graduated U of A in 2012. I couldn't wait to get out of Tucson, and spent most of my twenties living, working and traveling anywhere and everywhere I could. I met my (Italian) husband Mattia while living/working in Australia. Instead of a traditional wedding, we spent 8 months backpacking Asia on a budget for our honeymoon while we waited on his green card.

We eventually settled in Seattle, where we've been the past three years. In April 2021, we welcomed our amazing son Renzo. We're very excited to be moving back to Tucson to raise our family. I'll be continuing my role remotely as an Account Manager for a cyber security firm that provides penetration testing ("ethical hacking" that keeps companies secure from malicious attackers).

Claudia, Robert and Milo

My name is Claudia Lee and I will be moving to Tucson from San Diego, CA with my fiancé Robert and our two-year-old rescue pup, Milo. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to San Diego to attend the University of California San Diego where I graduated with a BA in Urban Studies and Planning. I currently work as a supply chain subcontracts administrator at Northrop Grumman.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, and trying new hobbies and places, especially restaurants and the outdoors. I am incredibly excited to be moving to Tucson and having a new city and state to explore as well as meeting new folks.

Jessica and Stella

My name is Jess, and I’m a Wisconsin native based in Milwaukee, WI. I’m a public health professional with previous work experience in the non-profit sector and academic medicine .I currently work in government focusing on grants management in substance abuse prevention. I learned of the Remote Tucson program during the peak of the pandemic, and I was immediately interested. I love the high desert climate and really enjoy hiking, which I hear is popular in Tucson. I have a deep love for my home state, but the Wisconsin winters are tough with limited sunshine! The concept of the Remote Tucson community was a big positive when applying to the program and I’m excited to join this community. I’m joining the Remote Tucson program with my miniature dachshund named Stella. We are both very excited to be joining the community and living in sunshine year-round!

Additional Participant Bios Coming Soon!

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