Project Management Isn't Sexy, But Progress Is

Updated: Apr 2

We know that ping pong tables and beer on tap is not what fosters collaboration and productivity--culture and people do. But people are messy, talkative, and full of ideas. Agile project management techniques can save your company money, boost productivity, and secure wins for the whole team.

Agile helps address the following frustrations and concerns you may have if you’re operating at a high level:

- You have ever experienced stress and frustration while trying to deliver a high-quality product by deadline.

- You feel like you’re on a meeting hamster wheel.

- You are looking to develop a completely new, disruptive product or service.

- You always feel like your company is running, but with results that don’t capture your collective intelligence and effort.

The flexible project management process of Agile will aid your team in gaining a competitive edge and feeling more confident in their productivity and projects. The Agile process offers with it consistent opportunities to learn and iterate, collaborative troubleshooting techniques based on team and stakeholder feedback, and proven prioritization features. Overall Agile empowers team members to work creatively and effectively.

In collaboration with regional Agile project management expert, Darrell Kidd, Startup Tucson offers full-day training for companies who have big goals and ambition to achieve them in a timely manner. Agile project management includes 4 core values and 12 principles. Darrell walks you or your team through decision-making and adapting to changes.

Typical Agile training is $2,000 per day. We did some negotiating for you and got the price down to $400 for Startup Tucson members and $500 for community members. Sign up now.

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