Resource Roundup

Updated: May 5

Startup Tucson has created a quick list of resources to employ for all your remote work needs that prove useful in other contexts as well. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is a great place to get going on your business grind and innovating. Please scroll through to find information on:

  • Project Management

  • Time Management

  • Communication Platforms

  • Mindfulness + Self-care

  • Money Management

  • Grants

  • Funding Alternatives

  • Creative Skills

Legal FAQs + Issues by Penn Law

Remote Work Webinars

Seed Spot goes online with their programs + events

Seed Spot Covid-19 Resource Center

Help! Disaster Assistance

SBA Disaster Loan

Creator Fund Convert Kit

You're New to This

Inc Magazine offers tips and consolation if you're experiencing challenges in transitioning to remote work.

Zoom + Skype tips from Seth's Blog. Not everyone needs to hear what's going on in your home.

Task Master

Oh, where does the time go? Tracking how you and your team spends time helps get the work done faster with no dropped balls.

Asana – We use this regularly, a web project management tool that is widely used in remote organizations.

Basecamp – A web-based project management tool focused on simplicity.

Clockify – Free time tracking software for teams to manage hours across projects.

Clubhouse.ioProject management tool specifically designed for software teams

Toggl – Neat little time tracking application. Set the timer on your web extension and stay on that task until you're done. It's great to see in the end how much time you've spent on a project.

Monday.comTeam Management and Kanban board.

Trello – Kanban board for managing projects and teams. It’s very helpful for custom internal processes (such as content editing workflows) and offers a lot of integrations with other tools that you might be using as well.

Nozbe – To-do list tool. Manage every to-do list and even have special workflows in Zapier that push things into the tool in response to events.

Are You Talking to Me?

Check in with your team in a chat, a quick call, or share notes from virtual meetings.

Slack – One of the most popular chat applications out there, nearly every remote company has a slack channel. It’s good for both teams and one-on-one chatting. Rather than send emails, the quick chat option makes sure your team has a good workflow.

Zoom - Easily accessed through Calendar Google, you can add video conferencing to to any meeting. Type: “/zoom” in Slack to get a conference call started.

Evernote Note taking and knowledge management tool that works for teams. I use it as a digital filing cabinet across all my devices.

G Suite – Google’s office suite of tools for business. These are built to allow real-time synchronization, so they work well for remote teams.

Breathe a Little

Everyone responds differently to transition, by taking little breaks and appreciating the world around you, you can prevent your own outbursts or be ready for someone else's. – Custom-generated music tailored for your brain. The idea here is to drive you into an appropriate mental state for a particular task.

RescueTime – Helps you optimize your use of time during the day by letting you block distractions, track time automatically, and set goals. It’s great for breaking your habit of spending too much time on Facebook News.

Calm- A meditation app. Be proactive about your emotional wellness, rather than wait to take it out on others who are going through similar levels of anxiety. You don’t realize that you need a release until you give yourself a space to breathe in and breathe out.

Reid Park Zoo Live Webcam: Need some virtual animal therapy? Tucson’s zoo has got you covered.

Making Money Moves

Organize billable hours and payment operations.

Deel – Compliance, payments, and invoicing tool.

Trello – Kanban board for managing projects and teams. It’s very helpful for custom internal processes (such as content editing workflows) and offers a lot of integrations with other tools that you might be using as well.

Toggl – Neat little time tracking application. I use it both for tracking billable time as well as time spent on non-billable activities.

Funding Your Hustle

These foundations and nonprofit organizations have alternative funding options for your business.

Growth Partners AZ Loan

Kiva + Business Loans with CIC

Next Level Creative Flow

Take the time to increase your creativity

Brit.Co- Virtual workshops to expand your creative abilities. ( Code : SELFCARE)

Find the Simple Programmer's full article and list here.

Hopefully you feel more encouraged and ready to tackle your remote work.

Go forth and innovate!


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