The Flurry behind the Festival

Here I sit behind my computer pounding away on the keyboard with last-minute details on sponsorships, website updates, printing materials and moving the TENWEST Festival forward, while my colleagues Liz and Dre are out pounding the pavement papering stores and pampering passers-by with TENWEST treats.

To be more specific: yesterday, Tuesday October 9th Liz Pocock and Dre Voelkel, Startup Tucson’s CEO and Programs/Events Director respectively, were helping volunteers and interested students pedal an around the UA Mall and all over campus, handing out Eegees and TENWEST stickers.

Today we’re all behind our desks, reviewing programs to be printed, and assembling our super science-y and sweet swag for all our TENWEST attendees. (special swag to be revealed day-of! :))

In addition to all the amazing content (check out the schedule), did you hear that you can ride the SUN LINK Streetcar for free?! Come check out all the amazing activities this Saturday (like our Bear Down Town Scav Hunt) (also during Tucson Meet Yourself) and come by the CITY Center for Collaborative Learning during our TENWEST open house to groove and get signed up!

– Courtney Pullitzer

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