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Welcome to the #StartupScoop -- the best way to stay in the Startup Tucson loop! This fine Friday is going to be all about the our Startup Labs. Entrepreneurs listen up, this could be EXACTLY what you need.

The process to completely change the programs at Startup Tucson was exactly that, a process. We didn’t want to just replicate big cities, we wanted to give the community what it was actually asking for, but first we had to listen. Through research and customer interviews, we built the first building block of our programming; Startup Labs.

Startup Labs is a hands-on class designed give current and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to design, tinker, iterate, scrap and rebuild their business model in order to give their company the best chance to succeed as it launches. Developed using proven, evidence-based techniques, Startup Labs is the ideal first-step for entrepreneurs to build a robust, effective business strategy.

The objective of the Labs is to introduce companies to core philosophies of lean startup methodology -- intentional entrepreneurship, customer-centric design, lean experimentation, and the lean canvas business model. You will have a chance to:

- reflect on your goals

- learn new techniques

- connect with peers

- learn about getting plugged into Tucson’s innovation ecosystem.

It is a powerful jumpstart to your venture in just two hours! It is also the first step to joining the Free Startup Tucson Network Membership.

“Startup Tucson has helped my biz partner and I to streamline our goals, focus on a customer segment, and align our goals with where we want to be. StartUp Clinic and Labs was very helpful, inspiring, and engaging. We are thankful for the knowledge of the mentors and subject matter experts and are ready to take our business to the next level!” -- Heidi Trevethan

“My first experience with the programs StartUp Tucson provides was StartUp Coffee and I immediately knew I was in the right place to connect to the people and resources that would fast track the launch, development, and growth of my company! The value this organization aggregates and delivers is unmatched and operating at the level of high-ticket coaching programs I've previously experienced. Thank you StartUp Tucson!!!” -- Nicole Johnson

We are so lucky to be able to host labs at Meyer, a beautiful event space that really give us the amount of space needed to work with peers and mentors to help build a better business. Startup labs are held the first Monday of every month! Check out startuptucson.com/education to sign up for the next one!

Q: Do I have to go to a lab to join the network? A: While we encourage everyone to attend a lab and maybe take a second look at their lean canvas or to help peers that are where you used to be, if you are currently generating revenue, or are a past Thryve alumni you do not need to attend a lab to join the network. Email us to see if you are eligible to join today! 

Q: Do I need to have a business to attend a lab? A:  You do not need a business, but you do need an idea! Startup Labs focuses on the lean canvas, this course is best utilized if there is an idea to build off of! 

Q: Do I have to be a tech company? A: NO! Startup does not mean tech companies! While we do hold these companies near and dear, we encourage entrepreneurs of all fields to come learn! Come back next week to hear all about our Startup Clinics!

XOXO, The Startup Squad 

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