#StartupScoop The All New Startup Tucson Programming

Startup Tucson is here with another #StartupScoop!

In the past 12 months, you may have noticed that Startup Tucson has not only undergone a rebranding, but we have also completely redeveloped all of our programs and services from the ground up.  It is a lot to keep track of!  

We get tons of questions about the how, the why, and the what, so we will be taking the next few weeks to do a deep-dive on all of our educational programs and supportive services. 

When Startup Tucson launched, the Tucson innovation ecosystem was just emerging, and the inspiration for our programming came from big tech cities such as Silicon Valley, Austin, and Denver. Since then, however,  emerging thought-leadership and research indicates that each city must evaluate their own unique needs and assets and develop ecosystem-specific supportive services. In 2018, the loss of a funding source provided the team with the ideal opportunity to take a fresh approach and spend some time doing customer discovery and ecosystem research to find out what Tucson entrepreneurs need and where there might be gaps in services.

For six months Startup Tucson hit the streets of our ecosystem and conducted customer interviews to truly find out where we could best serve the needs of entrepreneurs. After gathering this information we assembled the Startup Tucson Advisory Committee filled with stakeholders and community leaders to help guide us on our transformation to being the “concierge to the innovation ecosystem.” Once we started piecing together the full picture, Startup Tucson was able to understand how to develop tailored services for Tucson. You can read about all of our findings in our Q1 Report.

Out of this research we have developed a whole new suite of services. Some have already launched, and some are still in the pipeline, launching through 2019 and early 2020!

- Discovery Events: Startup Coffee, Startup Drinks, TENWEST Impact Festival

- Education: Startup Labs, Startup Skills Clinic, Startup Fundamentals*, Course Catalogue

- Network Membership: Connection Services, Membership DIY Resource Library*, Startup Directory*, Innovation Ecosystem Online Database, Membership discount and benefits.

- Mentorship: Startup Tucson Mentor Network

- *Community Partnership: Startup Tucson Referral Network*, Startup Tucson Preferred Vendor Network* 

*Indicates coming soon!

All of our services are focused on how to best provide tailored, customized services that connect diverse entrepreneurs at every stage of development with the resources and mentors they need to grow their company.

We see our role as a hub -- or concierge -- to the innovation ecosystem. We are the warm, welcoming front door to anyone interested in building and growing a company in Tucson. If our services aren't the right fit for you, we will link you with the right person or organization who is. So far in this first quarter of 2019, Startup Tucson has launched and run a TON of programs and services (see graphic below!). 

While we can't change the ecosystem overnight, Startup Tucson is working hard to ensure that we are constantly increasing the number, quality, and diversity of companies in Tucson!

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