We are counting down the days to TENWEST Festival, and I wanted to take a little pause from the flurry of last minute planning, list making, supply gathering, and coffee runs to tell you a little about what I am most excited about this year and why you should get in on the ground floor of what TENWEST festival is becoming.

One of the most remarkable differences you will note about this year is the sheer number of incredible partners who are curating the content of each day. We are working with over 30 deeply respected community partners who are bringing their years of expertise to make this year’s offerings some of the most impactful yet.

Whether you are passionate about technology, and sustainability, music, workforce development and education, film, or entrepreneurship, TENWEST Festival serves up high-caliber experience with the thought leaders not only from Tucson but from around the region.

The uniting theme across each day is the invitation for every person to become actively involved in the transformation of our city. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to attend and bring their unique perspective to how we shape our collective future. Join with us at TENWEST Festival in tackling some of our communities “wicked problems” alongside the longtime movers and shakers, up and coming young innovators, passionate students, and everyone in between. Your voice, your perspective matters and is critical in creating an equitable, vibrant, sustainable, and economically robust future.

Join us at:

STEM Connect (Oct 15, Tucson Community Center) IdeaFunding (Oct 16, Tucson Community Center) Sonoran Cloud City (Oct 17, Tucson Community Center) Social Impact Summit (Oct 18, Tucson Community Center) YWCA Women’s Leadership Conference (Oct 19, JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort)

Dre Voelkel

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