Customized, Wrap Around Support for Southern Arizona Companies

Our model is uniquely tailored to serve all types entrepreneurs and startups in the early to mid-stages of growth. 

We provide free networking events, education courses, mentoring, and an annual pitch competition. 


What it's About:

Startup Lab is a hands-on class designed to give current and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to design, tinker, iterate, scrap, and rebuild their business model to give their company the best chance to succeed as it launches.


Developed using proven, evidence-based techniques, Startup Lab is the ideal first step for entrepreneurs to build a robust, effective business strategy. After completing a Startup Lab and the Startup Growth Tracker, you are qualified to join the Startup Tucson Network. ​


Offered monthly, entrepreneurs can attend for a one-time info session, a periodic tune-up, or come back again and again until they feel they have a strategy that works

Details: The cost is $10.00

Offered monthly 

While this course is considered required for entry into the Startup Tucson Network, waivers are available on the case-by-case basis for companies that have been referred through partner organizations.  

Contact for more details. 


What it's About:

72% of startups fail because of a few simple, preventable, mistakes. Startup Skills Clinic will help you sidestep the typical traps. In this full-day workshop you will work one-to-one with seasoned mentors to build a customized report card of your companies strengths and growth areas. No judgement, no bull, all growth. Positive and productive, you will leave feeling  ready to tackle challenges strategically and effectively. Guest speakers include founders and investors. 

This $100.00 workshop is open to all Startup Tucson Network entrepreneurs -- whether you are just starting your journey or if you have an established company but you are looking to accelerate your growth.


Details: The cost is $100.00

Offered quarterly



Startup Labs 

Startup Tucson Network Membership 

Waivers and scholarships are available on the case-by-case basis. Contact for more details. 


What it's About: 

After you have created your customized report card during Startup Skills Clinic, you will have a good sense about what areas you need you grow in.  Explore the Startup Course Catalogue to pick and choose which educational courses are right for you. Course are offered a la carte for added flexibility and they range in length and cost.  

Details: Cost Varies

Courses will run only when registration has been filled, so the exact timing may change. These course are open to members of the public, however, Startup Network Members may receive discounts and benefits.  

Scholarships are available on the case-by-case basis. Contact for more details. 

We are adding new course all of the time, based on need and interest. 

If there is a course you would like to see offered that isn't currently listed, email


This unique one-to-one service, has been designed to help entrepreneurs in our Startup Tucson Network to stay on track with their growth goals and fully leveraging local resources to accelerate their business.

How it Works

  • Schedule one-to-one coaching through the membership portal (up to once a month)

  • Through a structured session, get referrals to relevant resources, mentors, education, and opportunities in the region that will help you take your next step in your growth. 

  • Develop a concrete list of next-steps with built-in accountability (you can only sign up for your next coaching session until you have progressed in the goals you set for yourself)

  • As your business idea develops and you demonstrate your commitment to growth, you "unlock" high-level introductions to investors and key industry leaders.  We you get the right connections at the right time in your process. 

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