Scaling Ventures

Scaling Ventures have launched with a validated business model with the intention of building high-growth business. 


If you are are looking for service and supports to match your ambitious growth plans, Startup Tucson offers a number of tailored options to meet your needs.

Scaling Business
Growing Pains?
Free Discovery EVEnts

Not ready to dive in quite yet?  Join us for our free Discovery Events, to meet our team, other entrepreneurs, and get tons of great information from business leaders in our community.  Events like Startup Coffee, Startup Nights, Black Business Town Hall, and Innovation Economics are a great way to dip your toe in the water as you consider taking the leap! 

"Startup Tucson has been a beacon of positivity, encouragement, community and education.  The team at Startup Tucson are passionate about building strong and resilient businesses and have developed programming that speaks to many different types of organizations.  We are lucky to have such an impactful service in Tucson"


Have you reached a point in your business where you feel stuck or need to pivot? Are you growing so fast you can't keep up?  Are you at a place where you are working for your business but your business isn't working for you? 

Are you looking to connect with like-minded founders and mentors? 

Whatever your growing pains are, our services for Scaling Ventures will help you take control of your growing business. 

Programs & Services for Scaling Ventures
SPRINT Challenge.png

Empowering an entrepreneurial-driven jobs recovery by supporting growth-stage companies to increase sales and productization through tech-enabled media, prototyping tools, education, and mentoring.


The SPRINT Challenge serves existing companies that are looking to rapidly scale up through new revenue streams and products.  Participant get free access to all of the tools in our state-of-the-art Launch Lab. 

Founders Fire @ FORGE 

Don't let your passion burn out.

Refine, reflect, and reinvigorate with other high-capacity business founders

This is a highly-curated, no BS peer-to-peer networking event for a select but diverse group of growth-stage founders to connect over the challenges and triumphs specific to scaling a high-growth company


Advanced & Technical workshops 

We offer a range of workshops with high-level experts, tailored for the needs of growing startup ventures. 

While we never think it is a bad idea to review Startup Fundamentals, your company may be looking for a different variety of more advanced workshops, professional development opportunities, and technical support.  We offer these opportunities in collaboration with regional experts, mentors, and investors.

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Momentum Mentor-Sprint 

A two-month ​structured mentoring program to build momentum and accelerate your growth. 

Startup Tucson's mentors are some of the more prestigious business leaders in our region, with expertise in a wide range of industries.  After joining the Startup Tucson Free Network Membership, we will pair you with a mentor who best fits your current needs.  Each mentor has been specially trained in our methodology and has committed to deliver two months of hands-on mentoring to give your company the push it needs to elevate to the next level. 

Email us directly at for more information.

Free network membership

The Startup Tucson Membership offers special benefits best suited for scaling ventures. Check out some highlights below and then review all of the benefits. 

  • AWS Credit

  • Discounts for HubSpot

  • 50% off of Flodesk Email software 

  • Discounted Startup price at the Tucson Metro Chamber 

  • Discounted pricing on Advanced and Technical Courses

  • Access to the Momentum Mentor Sprint

  • Access to the Founders Fire @ The FORGE

  • Ability to pitch at IdeaFunding, Arizona's 2nd largest pitch competition 

Most folks become members by attending our Startup Labs & completing the Growth Tracker Survey, but there are some exceptions. 


In some instances, you can by-pass Startup Labs and just request to become a member directly. These exceptions include: 

1. If you are an alumni of Thryve 

2. If you have completed entrepreneurial education from UACI, Tech Launch Arizona i-Corps, or Arizona FORGE. 

3. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, well-versed in Lean Methodology. 

In these cases, just shoot us an email and complete the Growth Tracker Survey to become a member. 

IDEAFUNDING Pitch competition

Startup Tucson Runs Arizona's 2nd Largest Pitch Competition 

As part of our annual signature event, TENWEST Impact Festival, Startup Tucson organizes an entrepreneurial conference and a pitch competition that gives over $100,000 of non-dilutive funds and services to support growing companies. 

TENWEST IdeaFunding.png
Community Linkages

Startup Tucson, as a central hub of the innovation ecosystem, can help facilitate meaningful connections to the organizations and business leaders in our community to help scaling companies plug in. 

Our partners value our referrals because they know we work hard to ensure we create meaningful connections that fit for both parties. Reach out to us if you would like to set up a call or meeting to discuss your needs. 

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Alumni successes

Alumni from our programs have brought millions of dollars of investment capital into our city and have created hundreds of high quality jobs.  We are committed to ongoing support and services for our high-growth startups and exceptional entrepreneurs who are transforming our region. 

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