Small Businesses

We often get questions from small businesses, creative or food entrepreneurs if "they count" as a startup. 


Startup Tucson is committed to supporting entrepreneurs of all stripes and sizes!  Here are some of the program and services that are tailored just for you! 

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Looking to Build a Stronger Foundation?
Free Discovery EVEnts

Not ready to dive in quite yet?  Join us for our free Discovery Events, to meet our team, other entrepreneurs, and get tons of great information from business leaders in our community.  Events like Startup Coffee, Startup Nights, Black Business Town Hall, and Innovation Economics are a great way to dip your toe in the water as you consider taking the leap! 

My Startup Lab was awesome! Really thorough info with helpful activities and exercises that I could easily apply to my business on the spot. I learned tons! And definitely looking forward to checking out more of the programs they offer in the future.


Ashley Ambrosio, Spring + Vine


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your small business? Did you dive in headfirst but now you want a stronger foundation to grow? Is your business running you or are you running your business? Are you ready bring on help but not sure how? 

Startup Tucson is here to support small businesses -- from creative ventures to brick-and-mortars.  Get started today! 

Programs & Services for Small Businesses

Start your journey with Startup Labs

Startup Labs is our orientation course, focused on building a solid foundation for your business plan.  

This course if offered monthly.  Once you complete the course you are eligible to join our free Network Membership program. 

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Startup Fundamentals series

Startup Fundamentals narrows down the essential skills you need to build a successful business, from idea to launch.

After completing from this series you will have the tools you need to gain customers, increase your revenues, and have a solid footing for building a strong company. Wherever the next step is for your small business, the Startup Fundamentals Series will prepare you for success.

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Discovering Your Competition & Developing Your Special Sauce (102)

This is the second course in the Startup Fundamentals Series. This course is designed to give entrepreneurs an introduction to how to identify your competition in the market and develop your unique value proposition to help you stand out from the crowd. When you leave this class you will have a clear set of tactical strategies to help you complete market analysis (in both direct and indirect market) and identify exactly what sets you apart from your competition. Check the Education and Events Calendar for details on when this course will be offered next.

Understanding Your Customer (103)

This course, the third course in the series, is a hands-on workshop developed to help you define who your target market customer really is and step-by-step strategies to connect with them. Using proven strategies, we will help you to identify your target market customer, and show you how to use customer avatars to improve your marketing and service strategies. We will introduce you to how to define your TAM, SAM, SOM in order to calculate the potential revenue and growth for your company. Check the Education and Events Calendar for details on when this course will be offered next.

Testing and Validating Your Ideas (104)

An essential skill in building a strong startup is learning how to make data-informed decisions, without wasting valuable time or money. In this fourth course in the series, we will teach you how to create tiny, low-cost experiments to validate your ideas and hunches so that you can make decisive business choices with confidence. Check the Education and Events Calendar for details on when this course will be offered next.

Intro to Business Finance (105)

Many entrepreneurs have a great idea, but not much of a background in financial management. This introductory course, the fifth course in the Startup Fundamentals Series, will overview what you need to know to give your business a strong financial footing, with recommendations and tips to help you avoid future problems. Check the Education and Events Calendar for details on when this course will be offered next.

Startup Labs (101)

Startup Labs is our orientation course, designed to help you start building a solid foundation for your business plan. Once you complete the course you are eligible to join our free Network Membership program.

Graduation & Demo Day

Time to share your idea with the world! Each company will do a three minute pitch in front of an audience of mentors, peers, and investors and then recieve their Startup Tucson Fundamentals certificate. This is a celebration of all of the hard work you have done in the past weeks to grow and launch your new idea!

Momentum Mentor-Sprint 

A two-month ​structured mentoring program to build momentum and accelerate your growth. 

Startup Tucson's mentors are some of the more prestigious business leaders in our region, with expertise in a wide range of industries.  After you complete Startup Fundamentals, we will pair you with a mentor who best fits your current needs.  Each mentor has been specially trained in our methodology and has committed to deliver two months of hands-on mentoring to give your company the push it needs to elevate to the next level. 


Network members will receive the Sprint application once they have completed the Fundamentals.

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Free network membership

Community is essential to launching a successful business

After you have completed Startup Labs and completed a survey called the "Growth Tracker", you are able to join a free membership program for active entrepreneurs. 

Your membership comes with loads of benefits and exclusive offers so be sure to take advantage of it! 

Tucson Metro Chamber "Startup Discount"

Get one full year of Tucson Metro Chamber ​Membership for only $150.00 

Being part of a business chamber like Tucson Metro Chamber has huge benefits for companies. Now it is easier than ever for startup companies to get involved with the Tucson Metro Chamber.  As part of an exclusive partnership, qualified Startup Tucson Network members get a special "Students and Startup Membership" pricing.

Launch Box

Need a simple, attractive, mobile-friendly website for not too much money? 

Startup Tucson provides a straightforward and inexpensive path to getting an attractive website up and off the ground quickly and inexpensively. 


Do not let a lack of website hold you back.  We provide simple, beautiful, modern sites that you can manage yourself  before you are ready to invest in a full customer website build out. 

Alumni successes

We have helped small businesses increase their profits, open a new brick and mortar, and design and launch a new product for their existing line.  

We are looking forward to helping you grow and feel successful--whatever that means for your small business! 

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