TENWEST Impact Festival Tucson

TENWEST Impact Festival helps the curious and the impassioned solve the great economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges facing our communities. Through ten days of exhibitions, talks, and interactive experiences, national experts and local heroes will empower us to act.

Startup Tucson is the backbone organization of the festival, working collaboratively with over 60 community partner organization to bring this event to Southern Arizona. 

Read more about the festival, explore the schedule, and purchase tickets on tenwest.com

October 11 - 20th, 2019

Tucson, Arizona 

As part of the festival, Startup Tucson organizes a day-long conference on business and entrepreneurship called IdeaFunding. This conference includes education, pitch competitions, keynotes, networking, and community awards. This conference is included in your TENWEST Passport.



How is Startup Tucson involved in the festival? 

One of Startup Tucson's goals is to support Tucson's reputation for innovation and creative thought leadership across the country.  TENWEST Impact Festival is one of that ways that we do that.  


While Startup Tucson is the founding organization behind TENWEST Festival, it is built around a "collective impact" model, which means many organizations come together to bring the festival to life. We help coordinate and facilitate over 60 partner organizations and domain experts who curate the content in their respective areas of expertise.  Startup Tucson, as a leading organization in entrepreneurship, contributes IdeaFunding to the festival. 

What type of events will I experience at TENWEST Festival? 

Unlike traditional conferences, TENWEST Festival is multi-disciplinary, meaning we invite attendees to explore many different types of events and content. Through a rigorous application process, we select organizations and individuals who are pushing the envelope in many different fields including technology, sustainability, social impact, and art. This allows TENWEST Festival to be a platform for attendees to discover new communities and topics they may not have already known about.

Is the festival expensive? 

Amazingly no! TENWEST Impact Festival is packed with events that would typically cost $800--$1200 a ticket but due to the generosity of sponsors, we are able to offer tickets at $35.00 (pre-sale), with additional discounts for students, teachers, and military.  We intentionally keep the ticket prices low because ensuring that innovation available to all is a key part of our mission.

Read more about the festival, explore the schedule, and purchase tickets on tenwest.com

We are able to provide high caliber experience at a low cost to entrepreneurs through the generosity of our partners and sponsors. Consider joining us and building your brand by sponsoring a track, a pitch competition, or a prize. We can work creatively for your budget and messaging goals. 

contact Liz Pocock for more details 



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