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Exiting Your Business with BlueStone Venture Partners

One of the biggest regrets successful founders have is not having an exit strategy in place from the beginning. Whether exiting is around the corner or a long way off - come learn what you need to know to plan correctly.

Exiting Your Business with BlueStone Venture Partners
Exiting Your Business with BlueStone Venture Partners

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

This is a one hour course led by professional investors at BlueStone Investment Partners, LLC. This course is open to companies at all stages of growth and in all industries. There are no prerequisites to attending this course.

Here's What You Will Learn

What might an exit look like?

  • Acquisition: Strategic vs PE, IPO, wind-down, transitioning out of the business
  • Who do you speak with to begin an exit? Business brokers, Investment bankers, self initiated search for buyers?

Exit planning (whether you plan on exiting or not).

  • Exit time horizon
  • Succession planning
  • Do you have business partners and do they share your same vision & beliefs on exit?
  • What do you need to do to prepare the business?
  • What is your plan B if the exit opportunities dry up?
  • Will you still work for the Company post-sale? How long? What would that look like? In what capacity?

About BlueStone Venture Partners

BlueStone Venture Partners is a a best-in-class Life Sciences Innovation and Technology Venture Fund capitalizing on the strength, creativity and innovation found in entrepreneurial companies in the US Southwest.

The course will be $10.00. Like all courses in the Startup Tucson Course Catalogue, we run the workshop when the course has filled. This course will be scheduled in the late afternoon/early evening of a weekday. We will let you know when the course has filled and schedule it with plenty of advanced notice (about 4 weeks) so that you can plan accordingly.

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