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Introduction to Intellectual Capital: From Blank Slate to Exit, Managing Knowledge To Maximize Value

In prior centuries a defining characteristic of valuable enterprises was control of physical capital: property and machinery. In the 21st Century, capital still separates the valuable from the valueless, but the importance of physical capital has given way to the supremacy of intellectual capital.

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Introduction to Intellectual Capital: From Blank Slate to Exit, Managing Knowledge To Maximize Value
Introduction to Intellectual Capital: From Blank Slate to Exit, Managing Knowledge To Maximize Value

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

This course provides a primer into the nature and components of intellectual capital (team knowledge, intellectual property, and institutional knowledge), introduces a simple structure for building this critical asset for your enterprise, and surveys common tools of knowledge management (e.g. CRM) that are available to modern startup companies.

Who Should Attend

  • The ideal attendee will understand the value of systems and documentation in their organizations but has not yet found an effective framework for deploying the same across their entire enterprise. They will commonly have issues such as:
  • How to effectively deploy CRM and other beneficial knowledge tools.
  • “The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.”
  • Difficulties engendering a “creator culture” across their whole team.
  • Inability to prioritize internal improvement projects.
  • Team members developing knowledge “fiefdoms” or “silos”.
  • Struggling to delegate tasks or efficiently on-board new team members.

The ideal attendee is NOT stage specific.

This workshop can enable new entrepreneurs to build a comprehensible library of organizational knowledge from the beginning of their efforts, avoiding the pain of downstream informational disarray and empowering them with effective processes for generating valuable intellectual capital from day one.

It also can provide established entrepreneurs a path with which to re-assert control of their organizational information flow, emerge unseen efficiency/automation opportunities, build systems to transform team knowledge into institutional knowledge, improve enterprise awareness for risk management purposes, and increase enterprise value through non-intrusive documentation procedures.

Here’s What You Will Learn

  • The definition of intellectual capital and descriptions of its major components.
  • The lifecycle of intellectual capital (from data to knowledge to depreciation)
  • An effective framework for general knowledge management
  • How to seamlessly incorporate process development into daily operations
  • An overview of CRM software and its role in knowledge management

You will produce…

  • A completed "Knowledge Stack" and "Capacity Map" for you organization
  • One fully Sequenced process Playbook
  • A Reference Index for your organization

You will be given…

  • Templates for Knowledge Management standard objects (Manual, Playbook, Sequence, Journal, and Reference Basics)
  • Copies of all workshop presentations

This course will be completed in a four hour session on a Saturday. We will let you know when the course has filled and schedule it with plenty of advanced notice (about 4 weeks) so that you can plan accordingly.

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