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Sales for New Ventures

This course is designed to show students how to create inbound and outbound leads, qualify them, move forward with those that are best qualified, close them, sell more to them, obtain referrals from them and then how to hire, train, motivate and manage a sales team.

Sales for New Ventures
Sales for New Ventures

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

This course is a series of five classes, two hours each, held every other week for ten weeks. This course is taught by two highly regarded entrepreneurs and instructors from the University of Arizona, Sam Williams & David Dembitz. This course is ideal for companies at the launch stage of their growth -- that is, your company should have a product that you have taken or are ready to take to market.

Here's What You Will Learn

Generate a positive cash flow from operations, avoiding the need to sell equity.

1. Create a simple Excel model of the sales funnel for leads, closed sales, variable costs, gross profit, fixed expenses and pre-tax cash flow; find break-even and develop plans to exceed it ASAP;

2. Identify sources of leads (demand) by lead and customer type;

3. Model the effects of students' demand generation programs and then...

4. Execute, test, measure, improve, repeat until you're sure the prototype works;

5. Scale up sales efforts but remain in control. Do NOT delegate.

6. Integrate CRMs like SalesForce Lightning into operations.

7. Know what type of sales person to hire: Hunter, Farmer, Tech Sales, RFP.

8. Understand the use of video to drive inquiries, appointments, closed sales.

This course will be scheduled Monday or Thursday evenings 5:30 - 7:30 PM. We will let you know when the course has filled and schedule it with plenty of advanced notice (about 4 weeks) so that you can plan accordingly.

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