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And the 2021 IdeaFunding Semi-Finalists Are...

One of the most exciting parts of IdeaFunding is the signature Pitch Competition. We will be giving away over $65,000 in prizes to early-stage startup companies. This year we had over 80 companies apply and through numerous down-rounds we have narrowed the field down to the top companies! Check out the semifinalists below!


SibylSoft, Inc: Empowers organizations that rely upon their people as a key element in their cybersecurity practices to better mitigate the risk of human-enabled breaches.

USAT: Nearly 40% of the world’s population--and 30 Million Americans--do not have reliable, fast, and affordable internet connections. Our satellite system is cheaper, smaller, faster, and more reliable than current attempts to make the internet more accessible.

Revolute Robotics: Revolute Robotics has created the first energy-efficient, spherical hybrid robot capable of both rolling and flying. Our beachhead market is agriculture, wherein Revolute enables commercial farms to collect data on every plant.

Paramium Technologies: Currently, precision of the panels that form the parabolic reflector require special manufacturing methods that increase costs and limit the design geometry of the antenna. Researchers at the University of Arizona developed a method of fabricating high precision compound curve reflective panels, enabling ground station and radio telescope designers to create affordable complex reflector shapes.

Desert Saber: Desert Saber has developed the technology to digitally replicate any worksite or job and turn it into more effective training. Desert Saber’s technology integrates advanced simulations, serious games, and analytics to control an adaptive learning cycle that personalizes the training experience for every worker and team

AZ BAKING COMPANY: AZ Baking Company makes premium baking mixes for the home chef using regional, heritage ingredients native to the Sonoran Desert and Baja Arizona.

Micro Safari: The Micro Safari is like an ant farm, but instead of ants, there is an entire universe of microorganism species for you to explore.

mora kitchen: Mora Kitchen is an artisan condiment manufacturer producing fruit and vegetable forward condiments including chutneys, vegetable spreads, jams, sauces and shrubs. All our products utilize heritage Baja Arizona and locally sourced ingredients.

Diabetes Now: A direct-to-consumer healthcare company for people with diabetes offering low-cost healthcare, concierge medicine and wholesale pricing on pharmaceuticals.

Ku'Panda Beauty LLC: Ku'Panda: True. Vegan. Glow. sells handcrafted herbal tea skincare products to millennials and gen z's. Inspired by Tucson's dry air, Ku'Panda specializes in hydrating solutions that utilizes the benefits of freshly brewed tea from wildcrafted herbs locally sourced in Tucson.

Doughjo: Doughjo is a gluten-free goods manufacturer serving the gluten-free eating community of Celiacs, Gluten Intolerants, and People Who Avoid Gluten (PWAG).

Metfora: Metfora is pioneering a revolutionary method for diagnosing disease. It is based on the analysis of metabolites in blood. Metfora scientists have shown that the levels of these metabolites is reflective of the health status of the individual.

TheraCea Pharma: TheraCea is developing a proprietary technology to prepare products for early detection and evaluation of therapy in cancer & neurological disorders.

Lab Pair: LabPair is a web application that uses publication-driven matchmaking to ‘pair’ scientists based on their resources such that two incomplete halves make a whole publication.

AZ Technica: AZ Technica is a Tucson based consulting firm providing Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance expertise to support the Medical Device Industry. With a concerted effort, Arizona's bioscience sector has experienced large growth over the past few years.

Homer Farms: Homer Farms Inc. is a clean-tech company that converts organic waste into liquid fertilizer and bioenergy to aid in the growth of organic food in our vertical farms.

Scintillation Nanotechnologies: Scintillation Nanotechnologies develops, manufactures, and sells next generation radioisotope detection for use in drug discovery in academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical research laboratories. The unique chemical and physical properties of our products give researchers unprecedented insight into drug uptake, binding, and distribution while saving time and reducing costly hazardous waste.

Patter: Patter is a software application that allows teams to better organize and manage their meetings resulting in a reduction in the number of meetings and better meeting results. Our platform integrates with current team tools and workflow to allow meeting organizers to prepare their meeting, allocate only the amount of time needed and send via Google Calendar.

ElephantU: ElephantU is a web based platform designed to connect student-athletes, businesses, and donors.

Obanj: Obánj is a luxury jewelry company where the world's most stylish and conscientious women borrow designer jewelry (Dior, YSL, Gucci, etc.) for $29/month. Obánj represents the future of fashion because the circular economy is the best alternative to fast fashion.

Base: Base is a sports communication app that allows users to interact with others through voice and text, and it includes features like head-to-head betting and innovative stat sharing to facilitate interaction.

FairFinch Marketplace: FairFinch is an online retailer whose primary mission is to promote diversity through commerce. Currently focusing on jewelry, our marketplace champions under-represented jewelry artisans by connecting the Conscious Buyer with women- and minority-owned businesses.


The IdeaFunding pitch competition would not have been possible without the support of the entire UACI team! Not only are donating a full FREE year of incubation for the winner, but their whole team has put in countless hours of work to bring the pitch competition to life!

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