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Mainstage Pitch team: Knot-ed

A new aspect of IdeaFunding 2018 that the committee added were Morning Pitch Competitions. With four categories, with at least four teams in each, we were able to thus expand the value, reach, and impact for entrepreneurs and their teams in Tucson.

One of the teams from morning competition that went on to compete in the Mainstage Competition was Knot-ed, which produces The Knot-Box. This curated subscription box system is for all those women with textured roots and kinky curls. It’s proven that “black consumers spend nine times more in hair & beauty” and some reports state that the black hair care industry at valued at more than $2.5 billion. And these two dynamic young women are breaking that black glass ceiling – getting their products in the hands of this demographic that is all too willing to invest.

Existing to inspire and support women of color in their journey to self-expression and acceptance of their coily roots, sign-up today to join the revolution to great hair!

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