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Startup Tucson's COVID-19 Policies

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Startup Tucson is excited to make a long awaited return to in-person programming and events. However, we are committing to doing so in the safest possible way. We have a responsibility to the community we serve and our team. As such, we are implementing certain expectations for those who would like to participate in activities in which they share an environment with other people.

In-Person at our Offices:

Startup Tucson is requiring that all those wishing to engage with Startup Tucson in-person at our offices for meetings, programs, or events be vaccinated or provide proof of a recent negative COVID test. We reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccination or record of a negative COVID test result no more than 72 hours old.

In addition to a vaccine or negative test requirement, per Arizona FORGE guidelines, Startup Tucson will also require all guests to wear masks while attending meetings, programs, or events organized indoors at our office where it is not possible to adequately and continuously maintain social distance as defined by 6ft. Startup Tucson staff are fully vaccinated and will also wear masks when social distancing is not possible. Reasonable accommodations are possible upon request.

External Events:

For off-site events and programs, Startup Tucson asks that you follow the policies of the hosting venue and that if you are experiencing symptoms or have reason to believe you have been exposed and are not vaccinated that you stay home for the safety and respect of other attendees.

If you are uncomfortable following these guidelines, we look forward to welcoming you into our space at a later date when there is reduced risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, we would be happy to serve you with one of the many remote or digital programming options we offer.

We encourage everyone who can receive a vaccination to do so, for their own benefit and for the benefit of all of us. If you have not been vaccinated yet and are interested in getting vaccinated, Pima County is offering both ongoing and popup sites for vaccines.

Requirements for Program Participation:

  • Proof of vaccination OR record of a negative COVID test result no longer than 72 hours old for each attendance on-site (i.e. weekly class, need to show a negative test each week).

  • Masks are required upon entry to the facilities and where it is not possible to adequately and continuously maintain social distance as defined by 6ft.

  • Reasonable accommodations are possible upon request for participants who are pregnant, nursing, have a disability, or have a medical condition that prevents them from safe vaccination, or who reject vaccination because of sincerely held religious beliefs. To request accommodation, please contact the CEO.

  • If participating in continuous programming (i.e. weekly), and you develop COVID symptoms or receive a positive COVID test during your participation in the program, we ask that you:

    • Notify the CEO so we can notify others that may have been exposed and advise them on necessary precautions. Your identity will be protected in all communications regarding possible exposure.

    • Refrain from attending in person programming and isolate for 10 days. If you provide a negative PCR test result and are symptom-free for 48 hours, you may return to programming after 7 days.

  • If you have had prolonged exposure to someone that has tested positive (i.e. someone in your immediate household) but you have no symptoms, we will ask that you get tested 3-5 days after exposure to ensure a negative result. During this time period, we ask that you consider not attending class in-person as to not potentially expose anyone else. If you do decide to attend, we ask that you must remain masked while in attendance, socially distant, and frequently wash hands. We also recommend you get tested 3-5 days after exposure to ensure a negative result.

Additional Resources:

We really appreciate your efforts in keeping our community safe and healthy!

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