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Give the gift of entrepreneurship this season!

On sale now -- the 2023 Startup Fundamentals Gift Card!

Do you have a friend or family member that has an idea for a business? Do they talk about it constantly and leave you thinking "well just START it already"? What if you could help give them that push?

Introducing the Startup Fundamentals 2023 Gift Card!

For $50, you can give the gift of entrepreneurship to your budding business owner.

The Gift Card will give the recipient the ability to enroll in one of Startup Tucson's "Startup Fundamentals" courses during the 2023 year. Courses are offered in Accelerated format (as a one-day 8 hour option) or as a 5-week option, 2 hours a week in person at our offices in downtown Tucson. Normally $60 a course, this Gift Card gives the recipient entry and everything that comes with it. Courses are offered at least quarterly with the next course occurring in February or March.

Startup Tucson will print and mail a physical card to the address of your choice with your custom message. Upon completion of order, Startup Tucson will reach out to you for all details related to your gift. All orders must be received by December 15th to allow time for mailing before the holiday.

More details on Fundamentals below:

Ready to commit to start or grow your business? Join us for Accelerated Startup Fundamentals, where we'll practice pitching your idea, dig into understanding your customer, and so much more!

Whether you're a first time founder or an experienced entrepreneur, Startup Fundamentals takes you step by step through the process of building the smart, scalable business of your dreams, giving you solid business foundations, a supportive community, and access to the qualified experts and resources you need to prepare for success.

About the Event

Throughout this workshop, we'll help you develop your Lean Business Model Canvas and you'll practice pitching your idea. We'll dig into understanding the problem you're solving for your customer, what makes you different from other solutions to that problem, and we'll give you tools to identify your target customer.

You will work on refining your elevator pitch throughout the class and we'll conclude the day with a graduation pitch event! You will pitch your business idea to a panel of mentors who will give you feedback and select a winner that will receive additional Startup Tucson services. These same mentors will be coaching and guiding you throughout the day to perfect your pitch!

What's included?

You will gain a better understanding of your customer, your competition, and the market by focusing on:

  • How your business can solve a true problem for your customer

  • How to make yourself stand out against the competition

  • How to whip up low cost and quick experiments to test out new ideas

  • Confidently and effectively presenting your idea to others

  • Implementing real-time feedback from course mentors

You'll also walk away with a:

  • Snapshot version of your business plan

  • Planning checklist to help you determine tangible next steps

  • Customer interviewing script to help you design better solutions

  • Sample pitch deck template to help you tell your business story

Registration Details

Valued at $500, we are able to provide the series at an affordable rate thanks to the City of Tucson who has underwritten the program. Registration is limited to 25 companies. The cost for the first or solo team member is $60 and additional seats are $30/team member.

Lunch, Graduation happy hour celebration, and a T-shirt are included in your registration fee! We will serve a deli-style lunch with subs and a build-your-own-salad-bar. You are also welcome to bring whatever lunch or snacks you'll need for the day.

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