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Blax Friday - Bridging the Gap Between Black-Owned Businesses and the Community They Serve

Ashley La Russa of Blax Friday was nominated by the community and selected as one of the 2021 winners of the IdeaFunding Resiliency Award. The Resiliency award was new to IdeaFunding in 2021 to recognize and celebrate the exceptional innovation, creativity, and grit that our small businesses have displayed this year in the face of extraordinary challenges. Blax Friday is a community organization that spotlights Black-owned business in Southern Arizona.

Q: Describe your company. What’s your product and what problem are you solving for your customers? A: Blax Friday is a community organization created in the summer of 2020, that spotlights Black businesses in Arizona. Our goals are representation and economic empowerment of Black business owners. We spotlight businesses through our website, iOS app, social marketing, promotions, weekly newsletters, and community events. We are Black business owners who joined forces to build a bridge between Black owned businesses and the communities they serve in Arizona. We are focused on positive actionable steps towards inclusivity and equity. #BlaxFriday #EveryDay

Q: Congratulations on winning the IdeaFunding Resiliency Award! What are your next steps? How will this money help you achieve your goals?

A: The IdeaFunding money will fund continued website and app development for Blax Friday.

Q: What was one thing you learned this year that helped you stay resilient through the pandemic and everything that was happening?

A: I learned the importance of community and communication. Let's find the solution together.

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