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Arizona Daily Star: This home baker is bringing Montreal-inspired bagels to Tucson

From the Arizona Daily Star: For too long, New York-style bagels have gotten all the love and recognition. Now, Ryan Homsy and his wife Reagan are bringing a new kind of bagel to Tucson, adding some diversity to the breakfast staple. 

Ryan and Reagan are the masterminds behind MTL Bagels, where they make wood-fired, Montreal-inspired bagels from their kitchen. 

Unlike your typical bagel, Montreal bagels are boiled in honey water and baked in a wood-fire oven, which adds a bit of sweetness and a bit of smokiness. They are also denser and smaller than a New York bagel. 

Ryan is in charge of making the bagels, hand-rolling each of them himself, while Reagan focuses on everything around the bagels. They currently serve three flavors when they attend markets: sesame, everything and cinnamon raisin. 

I had so much fun writing this story and it has really made me crave these bagels. I can't wait to head out to their next market and grab a bag of cinnamon raisin, my favorite flavor of bagel. 

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