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Boss Women Unite - Connecting Female Entrepreneurs to Help Them Pursue Their Passions

Tiffany from Boss Women Unite was nominated by the community and selected as one of the 2021 winners of the IdeaFunding Resiliency Award. The Resiliency award was new to IdeaFunding in 2021 to recognize and celebrate the exceptional innovation, creativity, and grit that our small businesses have displayed this year in the face of extraordinary challenges. Boss Women Unite is a local business that provides a platform for women from all over the Tucson area to showcase their businesses. Read more about her business and resilience below!

Q: Describe your company. What’s your product and what problem are you solving for your customers?

A: Boss Women Unite is for local Women entrepreneurs and businesses Where we create a platform for women to showcase their passion, products and services in the community with unity and support. Inspiring women to their fullest potential. We do this by creating and providing spaces/locations and paid advertising through pop ups, events, mall carts and local media to elevate and bring awareness to their brand. In addition to providing paid and free programming where we offer business and personal support to advance their knowledge and success.

Q: Congratulations on winning the IdeaFunding Resiliency Award! What are your next steps? How will this money help you achieve your goals?

A: This money will be used to further initiatives to supporting local women entrepreneurs in providing more opportunities to spread awareness about their businesses.

Q: What was one thing you learned this year that helped you stay resilient through the pandemic and everything that was happening?

A: That we are stronger together. These challenges taught us to grow through what we go through and to strengthen ourselves and systems that we have in place and to be flexible to learning new ways to pivot. To reach out for help and community support.

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