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USAT - Technology to Make the Internet Accessible Across the Globe

USAT was one of the Tech winners of the 2021 IdeaFunding Pitch Competition for Tech. Companies in the vertical pitch competition were grouped by similar industry verticals to compete in categories such as tech, SaaS, bio and life science, and consumer product. USAT is developing new antenna technology that will help make 5G internet accessible for all. Read more below!

Q: Describe your company. What’s your product and what problem are you solving for your customers?

A: USAT (US Air Tech) is a startup company based in Tucson – Arizona at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) and at UA Tech Park (University of Arizona Technology Park). USAT is developing an advanced satellite communications product of an antenna which outperforms existing antenna technologies of parabolic antenna and phased-array antenna. The antenna is a low-cost product and is aiming to enable a rapid and cost-effective proliferation of Satcom across the Globe.

USAT has recently won (2020) a National Science Foundation award for a R&D (Research and Development) of LEO-SATCOM (Low Earth Orbit – Satellite Communications) inventions. In partnership with NSF, USAT Research & Development team is pursuing this innovative and ambitious project in the science and technology field -the technology solution, global connectivity of people across the global spectrum and the emerging 5G mobile phone communication. USAT has also invented a novel receiver and a crosslink device for data transfer and communication of satellite flying in LEO (Low Earth Orbit). The satellite communications market is projected to grow at a fast pace rate in Billions of dollars. LEO satellite systems will promote nearly 3 Billion people of first-time users helping underserved communities and remote areas onshore, maritime, and aviation navigations communications. USAT is proud to be a prime enabler of this new paradigm in wireless communications.

Q: Congratulations on winning IdeaFunding! What are your next steps? How will this money help you achieve your goals?

A: IdeaFunding winnings will provide some funding to engage in customer discovery, business development, sales, and fund-raising.

Q: What has been most helpful to you in the Southern Arizona ecosystem to help you develop your technology?

A: UACI (University of Arizona Center for Innovation) has been and remains the most critical support for our young startup. I would like to make a shout to Anita, Eric, Steve, Devon, Shari, Casey, Sonia, and many others.

The Arizona State University (ASU) with Professors James Aberle and George Trichopoulos has been excellently supportive of this endeavor. I’m indebted to these 2 great gentlemen.

Q: Your technology could make high-speed internet accessible to millions of people across the country (and the world). Who’s your target customer right now? Do you see that changing as your technology becomes more accessible?

Our technology is primarily geared to LEO-SATCOM and the 5G mobile phone communications. Our current target customers are Satcom operators and cellphones operators. Because of the unique data throughput in Gb/s (Gigabit per second) to Tb/s (Terabit per second) in speed rate and equivalent bandwidth (Tb), our technology is poised to dominate the wireless communications, cut down operations cost for Satcom operators with the low-cost of the technology products, hence enable the proliferation of Satcom applications in mobile phone and internet connectivity.

Our registered trademark motto is: SATCOM Global Connectivity – We bring people together ® We want internet connectivity and 5G mobile phones for all. Mobile phone and internet connectivity should not be a luxury afforded by only 4 billions out of the 7.5 Billions of people on Earth. Whether you live in a remote area or in a disadvantaged community, USAT feels your pain and is with you; USAT is coming hard and strong to support you.

SATCOM Global Connectivity – We bring people together ®

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