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BizTucson: 10 Reasons for Optimism

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Fall 2020

Startup Tucson and our staff is featured quite a bit in this season's BizTucson, which focuses on why Tucson has reasons to be optimistic about our recovery from the pandemic and ensuring economic downturn. Startup Tucson is proud to be a part of the rebuilding and recovery process alongside many amazing partners, colleagues, businesses, entrepreneurs and friends!

Startup Tucson Shout Outs!

Our collaborative work in the entrepreneurial Ecosystem and our programming, especially Startup Fundamentals, is spotlighted (pg 73)

Our CEO Liz Pocock is highlighted as one of the top "Key Players" in our ecosystem (pg 76)

A whole section is dedicated to our new program Remote Tucson and the economic impact it will have on our community (pg 94)

Dre Thompson, our Executive VP, is interviewed in a discussion of life in Tucson for millennials (pg 96)

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