Join the Party

Being a Startup Tucson Network Member is an entrepreneur's best kept secret -- luckily cat's out of the bag and now is a perfect time join! 

This is Awesome! How Do i sign up?

Most folks become members by attending our Startup Labs, but there are some exceptions (read about those exceptions below).

1. To become a Startup Tucson Network Member, you should attend a Startup Lab.  This is our "101" orientation to our organization and our methodology. Plus it's really fun and helpful.

2. After Startup Labs, you complete the Startup Growth Tracker survey. 

3. After you have completed the survey, head to our website and request to become a member.  You will be approved within 24 hours. Then you can set up your profile, schedule a Connection Service, join the Tucson Metro Chamber with the Startup Tucson Discount etc etc etc...basically begin enjoying all of the benefits of being a member! 

4. Periodically, you will get a survey to complete from Startup Tucson, by completing this survey you get to stay in the network! 


In some instances, you can bypass Startup Labs and request to become a member directly. These exceptions include: 

1. If you are an alumni of Thryve. 

2. If you have completed entrepreneurial education from UACI, Tech Launch Arizona i-Corps, or FORGE. 

3. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, well-versed in Lean Methodology. 

4. You are a mentor or subject matter expert in our network.

In these cases, just shoot us an email and complete the Growth Tracker Survey to become a member. 

Hold on. Why is this free? What's the catch? 

We knew you were smart. But don't worry it just costs your time.  About 30 minutes a year. 

As an economic development nonprofit, we rely on grants and funding that require annual reporting on the economic impact of the work that we do. 

That means that we need your help.  A couple times a year we will ask you to complete a survey that helps us measure our impact in economic terms in order to stay active in the network.  Your data is de-identified for reporting and secure.  We appreciate your part in helping us to measure and track the role of entrepreneurship in our community’s economic vitality.