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Being a Startup Tucson Network Member is an entrepreneur's best kept secret -- luckily cat's out of the bag and now is a perfect time join!

The best part? Membership is FREE!


Developed using proven, evidence-based techniques, Startup 101 is the ideal first step for entrepreneurs to build a robust, effective business strategy. You'll learn about using lean methods to reduce risk and increase your success in your entrepreneurial journey. You'll learn about our programs and start working on your lean canvas -- a one-page, visual way to map out your business plan.

After completing the Startup 101 course, you'll be invited to join our membership program, the Startup Tucson Network! 

Already got a business plan?
REQUeST TO join our member network!

Already have a business plan but need some help putting your plan into action? You may be ready to join us as a Startup Tucson Network Member!

Startup Tucson Network Members get access to perks like discounts on Chamber memberships and other business services to help you bootstrap your way to success. Network Members also have access to 1:1 coaching with our team, introductions to mentors, networking invitations, partner referrals, and a lot more -- all for FREE!

If you'd like to skip Startup 101 and become a member directly, you'll need to send us your business plan or completed lean canvas. When you reach out, please also tell us a little bit about your business (are you pre-launch, do you have paying customers, how long have you been working on the business idea, etc.) and why you'd like to skip Startup 101.

About network membership
Sign up for the Membership
Hold on. Why is this free? What's the catch? 

We knew you were smart. But don't worry it just costs your time. About 30 minutes a year. 

As an economic development nonprofit, we rely on grants and funding that require annual reporting on the economic impact of the work that we do. That means that we need your help.


A couple times a year we will ask you to complete a survey that helps us measure our impact in economic terms. Your data is de-identified for reporting and secure. Completing these annual surveys allows you to stay active in the Member Network and retain access to all these great benefits! 

We appreciate your part in helping us to measure and track the role of entrepreneurship in our community’s economic vitality. 

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