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Mentors & Advisors

Mentorship is a vital element of any entrepreneur's success. Startup Tucson provides a variety of ways for subject matter experts, business mentors and advisors to "pay-it-forward" to the next generation of innovators. 

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Review the mentoring programs below and complete the Mentor Interest Form to get started! 

Startup Tucson Mentor Program:

Our vision for the Startup Tucson Mentoring Program is to have a diverse, growing group of mentors and subject matter experts who are consistently involved with entrepreneurs, in ways that they find personally fulfilling.


Our desire is that everyone who engages will have a clear sense of what their expectations are for commitment, values, and skills so that everyone can have a phenomenal experience from start to finish. 


Startup Tucson offers the following ways to engage as a mentor depending on your availability, expertise and desire to give.

1) Momentum Mentor Sprint (Commitment Level: High)

2) Action Advisor Program (Commitment Level: Medium)

3) On-Demand Experts  (Commitment Level: Low)

“70% of mentored startups and businesses survive more than 5 years, which is double the rate of the non-mentored businesses in the US.” Inc. Magazine, 2017

Ready to get started?

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Complete this quick survey to let us know more about you and what you are interested in. If you have more questions, shoot us a quick email. 

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Other ways to get involved:

Sponsor an Entrepreneur

Startup Tucson is a 501(c)3 and we rely and sponsors and donors to ensure that we are able to keep our services and accessible to all.  If you are in a position to sponsor scholarship and programming, you can make a lasting impact in our community. 


Speaking Opportunities 

We have a number of platforms for speakers-- from small and informal like Startup Coffee to the main stage of TENWEST Impact Festival.  We also value workshops and seminars that mentors can offer our community of entrepreneurs. 

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Meet Our Mentors
Startup tucson Mentor spotlight: 
These are just a few of the amazing mentors that give their time to Startup Tucson.

Gene Ragan

Founder, CTO, Senior Engineer

Specialties: Human computer interaction, interface design, iOS, Android, OSX, Data Science, Machine Learning, AWS, Azure, C/C++, Docker, Go/Golang, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, Kubernetes, Lua, Postgres, Python, SQL, Swift, 

Industry Experience: Amazon, Dreamworks Animation, Apple

Founder/Co-Founder: Semitone, Caring Labs, Ptch/DWA Investments, Mediapede


Gina Catalano

Founder, COO, Author, Coach

Fractional COO for growth minded entrepreneurs and companies - the CEO's "Swiss Army Knife"

Specialties:Operations, manufacturing, strategic coach, executive training. 

Industry Experience: Venture Solutions, Arizona MEP, Kelle Company, WMEP

Founder/Co-Founder: La Suprema Works & Events, Barrio + Co, 

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