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KGUN9: Cooking up on the Eastside: Montreal bagel business opens in Tucson

From KGUN9: Montreal inspired bagels have made their way to Tucson, Ryan Homsy and Reagan Prefling run a newer bagel business from their home.

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Wood-fired Montreal inspired bagels have made their way to Tucson. An Eastside family is sharing their labor of love with our community in hopes to broaden taste buds and remember a place that means so much to them.

Ryan Homsy and his wife Reagan Prefling welcomed KGUN9 into their home where they make dozens of Montreal bagels each week for Tucson markets. But you might be wondering…. why Montreal bagels?

"Well I am originally from Montreal and Reagan and I met in New York City, we would always have this debate about who has the best bagel, Montreal or New York," said Homsy. "When she finally tasted the Montreal bagel she agreed that they're both equally very delicious."

Prefling was born and raised in Tucson but moved to New York for her career. Returning back to the Old Pueblo in 2017 to start a family, she agrees with the bagel debate— to an extent. “I'm not going to say what's better, but they are equally delicious," she said. "They're very different but as a bagel lover, I love them.”

A taste of home is what inspired Homsy and Prefling to create their own bagel business from their kitchen. The business name is straight to the point, MTL Bagels.

It’s a step by step process of cutting, seasoning and baking that has a twist you can taste. The bagels are boiled in honey water and made without salt, making them slightly sweeter than a traditional bagel. Then, they bake in a wood-fired oven which gives Montreal bagels that signature taste.

Spreading the love with the Tucson community is really special to them. They tell KGUN9 being able to share their story with neighbors has been the best part.

"The support from the Tucson community has been great," they both said. "We have been so surprised with how many people actually know what a Montreal bagel is."

MTL Bagels are available by pre-order online or at Udall Heirloom Farmers Market in Tucson. The market is open every Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information on the business visit their website by clicking here.

——-Brooke Chau is a reporter for KGUN 9. She was a part of Fresno State's newscast, Fresno State Focus and interned at KFSN-ABC30 in Fresno, CA before coming to KGUN 9. Share your story ideas and important issues with Brooke by emailing or by connecting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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