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Capital Coaching

Finding funding is hard... we're here to help!

Introducing Capital Coaching

Capital Coaching is designed to aid entrepreneurs seeking financial backing for their innovative products, services, or ideas. This program is a launchpad for understanding the vast landscape of funding, teaching you how to effectively seek and secure capital. We'll guide you on how to present your business, how much funding you need, and the types of funding that could be right for you. Startup Tucson is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in Southern Arizona, helping you turn your financial goals into achievable milestones.

types of capital
Types of capital

Remember, the more prepared you are, the higher your chances of successfully raising capital. Startup Tucson is here to guide you!

Key Points
Prize Funding
Non-dilutive capital/funds received from winning an award or prize at something like Startup Tucson's IdeaFunding Pitch Competition
Competitive, non-dilutive, only available certain times of year.
Funds from government departments, foundations, trusts, etc. that don't need repayment.
Competitive application process.
Venture Capital
Investors provide capital to startups with long-term growth potential.
Higher risk, higher return.
Using personal savings, reinvested profits, or contributions from friends and family.
Raising small amounts from a large number of people, usually online.
Donation-based, rewards-based, equity-based, debt-based.
Debt Financing
Borrowed capital that needs repayment with interest.
From banks, credit cards, online lenders.
Equity Financing
Selling a percentage of your business to an investor in return for capital.
Don't need to repay money. Parting with ownership.
Preparing to Raise Capital

Before you start seeking capital or launch a crowdfunding campaign, there are several things you should prepare:

  1. Business Plan/Lean Canvas: Have a clear, concise, and compelling business plan or lean canvas that outlines your business model, growth strategies, and how you plan to use the funds. Our Startup 101 course can teach you how to build one! More traditional lending will require a full Business Plan.

  2. Financial Projections: You should have detailed financial projections for your business, including income, expenses, and profitability.

  3. Legal Structure: Ensure your company is legally incorporated and has a defined structure.

  4. Business Bank Account: You must have a dedicated business bank account to manage funds.

  5. Pitch Deck: If you're seeking equity financing or venture capital, you'll need a solid pitch deck that clearly communicates your business's value proposition.

  6. Business Validation: Proof that your business idea works, such as testimonials, user data, or early sales, can be helpful when raising capital.

  7. Mentor or Advisor: It can be beneficial to have a mentor or advisor who has experience in raising capital to guide you through the process. This is where we come in!

  8. Market Research: Demonstrating a deep understanding of your market, including size, competition, and customer personas, can help convince investors of your business potential.

how we can help
How we can help

At Startup Tucson, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive support for entrepreneurs on their journey to secure funding. With our experienced team and network of mentors, we guide you through the crucial stages of capital readiness, from refining your business plan to strategizing on the amount you should seek.

What We Offer

  • Business Plan Review: Gain insights into strengthening your business plan, ensuring it aligns with the requirements of potential investors.

  • Crowdfunding Campaign Assistance: Launch your crowdfunding campaign with our support on platforms like Kiva, Wefunder, and Kickstarter.

  • Raising Capital Guidance: Navigate the complexities of equity-based crowdfunding with our seasoned coaches.

  • Direct Partnership Support: As direct partners with the BIPOC Loan Fund, STAC, Kiva, and WeFunder, we provide added layers of support, helping you tap into these platforms effectively.

  • Kiva Trustee Endorsement: Distinguish yourself with a Kiva Trustee endorsement. We provide this to a select group who showcase a compelling story, an established brand, and engage with our Startup Tucson programs.

  • Lean Canvas Guidance: Simplify your business model with the Lean Canvas - an efficient, single-page business plan.

  • Join the Startup Tucson Network: Engage with a thriving community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. Collaborate, grow, and learn.

  • Dedication to Diversity: We are unwavering in our commitment to champion diverse leadership. Each year, our target is to fund companies with varied leadership backgrounds, particularly those led by women and founders of color.

  • Compliance Assistance: Navigating compliance prerequisites can be challenging. We're here to ensure you're well-aligned, from incorporation requirements to setting up business bank or PayPal accounts.

  • Special Initiatives:

    • Focused Support for BIPOC Founders: Our partnership with the Community Investment Corporation and their BIPOC Loan Fund is a testament to our commitment to empowering BIPOC founders, ensuring they have equitable access to resources.

    • IdeaFunding Pitch Competition: Annual pitch competition for founders. Prizes included various levels of non-dilutive capital. More info here

What We Don't offer

While we can reshare content, post on our RAIN website, and feature businesses in our 'Entrepreneur Spotlight' blog, we operate under specific guidelines to maintain transparency and integrity. At Startup Tucson we don't offer:

  • Financial Advisory Services: While we provide resources and guidance, we do not offer financial advice or make investment recommendations. All decisions made based on our resources or discussions are at the sole discretion and risk of the entrepreneur.

  • Funding or Lending: We do not provide direct funding, grants, or loans. The only direct funding we provide to entrepreneurs in through IdeaFunding and other prize based events. Our role is to connect entrepreneurs with potential resources and platforms that might offer such opportunities.

  • Endorsement of External Platforms: While we might mention or connect entrepreneurs with platforms like Kiva, Wefunder, or others, this does not serve as an endorsement of these platforms or their practices.

  • Guarantees: We cannot guarantee the success of any funding campaigns, the securing of loans, or the receipt of investments. Our role is to guide, but success is contingent upon various external factors.

  • Legal or Tax Advice: We are not a substitute for legal or tax professionals. Entrepreneurs should consult with legal or financial experts before making significant decisions.

  • Conflict of Interest: We operate without any vested interest in the success or failure of a particular entrepreneur or business. We maintain impartiality and do not have any financial stakes in the recommendations or connections we make.

ready to get started?

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As your first step, we invite you to complete the interest form below. This form will help us understand your business, your goals, and the kind of support you need. Remember, the more information you provide, the better we can assist you.

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