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Patter - Making Meetings More Meaningful

Aaron from Patter was the SaaS finalist in the 2021 IdeaFunding Pitch Competition. Companies in the vertical pitch competition were grouped by similar industry verticals to compete in categories such as tech, SaaS, bio and life science, and consumer product. Patter is a solution to all of those seemingly pointless meetings that have only become more popular as we all moved our lives on to Zoom. Read more from founder Aaron Gopp below.

Q: Describe your company. What’s your product and what problem are you solving for your customers?

A: Patter is an application that allows teams to save time in meetings by giving meeting organizers the simple yet powerful tools to create, conduct and close effective meetings every time.

Remote work has hit most digital workers in some way and has exasperated the ineffectiveness of meetings that organizations were already facing. Without the ability to work in the same proximity, the number of meetings for remote organizations have increased while their effectiveness has decreased.

With Patter, meeting organizers can structure their meetings to ensure they are set up to be successful. As they conduct the meeting, we give them a unique page to track notes and action items and simplify the follow up process by allowing them to send their notes with a button click.

Q: Congratulations on winning IdeaFunding! What are your next steps? How will this money help you achieve your goals?

A: We are currently in private beta and our goal right now is to optimize the application to become an essential part of every meeting organizer’s day. We have an amazing group of beta testers and we will continue to grow this community while we establish the foundation for our product launch.

The money won in the IdeaFunding competition will allow us to speed up our early efforts. We will contract with developers and marketing experts to help establish the company’s foundation, setting us up for long term success.

Q: Did you have this idea before COVID started?

A: Not specifically. Prior to COVID, we launched a different product in the brand management space. However, as the pandemic forced teams to work remotely, many of our target customers were no longer interested in building their brand as they had deeper concerns with productivity and team interaction. It was at this point that we began talking to these customers about their specific needs and the platform is an evolution of these efforts.

Q: What piece of the problem of “too much time in too many meetings” are you solving?

A: That is an amazing question and I’m happy to say that we are solving both pieces! Because Patter gives meeting facilitators the tools to set appropriate agendas, provide pre-meeting instructions, optimize attendees and provide a meeting page to keep everyone on track, meetings are more effective. This means that meetings that were once 60 minutes can potentially be conducted in less time while still hitting the objective. The additional benefit of this meeting optimization is that it reduces the need for follow up meetings and unnecessary invites resulting in fewer meetings as well.

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