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How to Get Started with Startup Tucson
Getting started with us is a breeze. If you're new to the scene you can become a member through our virtual Startup 101 class. If you already have your business model and are an experienced entrepreneur you can skip Startup 101 and fill out our interest form to get started!

Who We Serve
We're here to support all types of entrepreneurs, whether you're just starting out with an idea, have launched a product, or are in the growth stage of your business. We value diversity and proudly serve founders across all demographics and business sectors including tech, consumer goods, brick-and-mortar, and professional services.

Our Programs
Startup Tucson offers a suite of programs designed for entrepreneurs at every stage
  • Startup 101: A free introductory course that equips you with lean methodologies for risk reduction and business success, while also providing an introduction to the range of entrepreneurial support services we offer.
  • Accelerated Fundamentals: A comprehensive workshop designed for entrepreneurs at any stage, providing step-by-step guidance on building a scalable business, development of a one-page business model, practice in pitching, customer identification strategies, unique selling proposition development, and all-day access to industry mentors for expert advice and guidance.
  • Food Forward: An intensive 8-week program designed to guide both aspiring and existing food entrepreneurs through the process of starting and scaling their food business, including refining their business model, honing pitch skills, identifying target customers, and leveraging industry mentors for specialized advice and guidance.
  • Rising Arizona Investor Network (RAIN): A unique initiative aimed at educating both new and experienced investors on emerging investment trends and tools to support local entrepreneurs, particularly diverse founders, thereby bridging the capital access gap and strengthening Southern Arizona's entrepreneurial ecosystem - featuring investor education, access to a digital investor toolkit, quarterly workshops, an annual investor conference, and 1-1 mentorship sessions, all available free of charge.
Our Resources
We offer a plethora of resources to boost your business.
Our Events
Join us for networking events for entrepreneurs! These gatherings are excellent opportunities to network, learn, and fuel your growth. Check out our events page for the latest happenings.
Member Entrepreneurs

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By becoming a Startup Tucson member you have access to exclusive perks including one-on-one coaching, our network of 80+ mentors, action advising, and other resources! Visit the member's portal to get started!
Member Entrepreneurs
Ready to take the leap and start seeking capital for your startup? Startup Tucson is here to guide you through every step!
  • Investor Statement: While Startup Tucson doesn't directly invest, we're committed to fostering a conducive environment for investment through guidance, support, and connection to potential funding sources.

  • Funding Resources: We offer a wealth of funding resources to educate entrepreneurs on different types of capital available, from debt to equity, and guide them on the best route to pursue based on their specific needs.

  • Platforms We Use: Our partnership with platforms like Kiva, WeFunder, and CIC (including STAC and the BIPOC Loan Fund), empowers us to guide entrepreneurs through the crowdfunding process, and also connect them with traditional lenders and equity funders.

  • IdeaFunding: Our annual IdeaFunding pitch competition is a golden opportunity for startups to tell their story, vie for significant cash prizes, and gain exposure in front of a large audience.

Looking to make a significant contribution to your community while investing wisely? Startup Tucson can guide you through the process of impact investing!
  • Investor Guidance: At Startup Tucson, we provide clear, step-by-step advice to guide investors on how to identify and invest in high-impact local startups.

  • Investor Training: Our comprehensive investor training program equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed investment decisions, understanding both risks and potential returns.

  • Community Impact: By investing in our region's startups, you contribute to a thriving local economy, support diverse founders and industries, and stimulate growth at various stages of business development.

  • Rising Arizona Investor Network (RAIN): Join RAIN, our unique initiative designed to educate and support investors in backing local, diverse entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening Southern Arizona's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Community & Ecosystem
Get to know us
  • Our Work: At Startup Tucson, we dedicate ourselves to launching and growing high-impact businesses, enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape, and driving economic growth in Tucson.

  • About Us / Our Mission / Our Vision: We are a nonprofit dedicated to the mission of fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem that contributes to Tucson's resilient economy. Our vision is to make Tucson a hub for innovation and high-impact businesses, where every entrepreneur can succeed.

  • Annual Report: Explore our Annual Report for a comprehensive look at our past year's achievements, including our activities, progress, and the impact we've made in the Tucson entrepreneurial community.

  • Impact Numbers: Our work has resulted in tangible economic benefits for Tucson, with startups we've supported generating millions in investment and creating numerous jobs. Explore our impact numbers for more details.

Get Involved
  • Partner Opportunities: There are numerous ways to partner with us, from sponsoring events to providing services for startups.

  • Become a Mentor: If you have entrepreneurial experience and wish to give back to the community, consider applying to become a mentor. Our mentors are an invaluable resource for our startups, providing guidance and sharing their experiences. Click here to learn more!

  • Donate: As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organizations to support our work. Consider making a donation to help us continue to support Tucson's entrepreneurs.

  • Contact Us: Interested in learning more about Startup Tucson, or have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us - you can find our contact information on our Contact Us page.

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Community Ecosystm
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