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Introducing the Tucson Startup Ecosystem Guide

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A user-friendly guide to the organizations and groups that support the growth of small businesses and startups in Tucson

TUCSON, ARIZONA - August 3, 2020 -- Starting today, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Tucson have a new online tool at their fingertips. The Tucson Startup Ecosystem Guide is a user-friendly website that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to start and grow a business in Southern Arizona. The Guide acts as a one-stop-shop for founders to easily discover the organizations designed for them.

Beginning with 75 organizational profiles, the Guide covers categories including business events and networking, economic and government services, chambers of commerce and memberships, co-working and other work spaces, accelerator and incubators, funding, and education and training. Each profile provides an overview of the organization and how to get connected. Startup Tucson designed the profiles to capture the common questions that arise in feedback from entrepreneurs.

Innovators and entrepreneurs must calculate general involvement requirements, cost, and fit of each program in the ecosystem to maximize the resources available to them. The Tucson Startup Ecosystem Guide provides a navigable database of existing programs and services to begin their innovation efforts promptly.

“Especially now with the recent growth of our startup community, the Tucson Startup Ecosystem Guide is critical in providing entrepreneurs a resource center to continue to successfully navigate all resources available to them. We’re excited to put this comprehensive tool in the hands of every entrepreneur in Southern Arizona.”-- Liz Pocock, CEO of Startup Tucson.

The creation and sustained maintenance of the Guide is made possible by support from the Southern Arizona Leadership Council. In 2018, SALC hosted the Southern Arizona Innovation Economy Forum in Tucson. This forum gathered leaders and entrepreneurs in Arizona to explore what we as a region could do to better support startups in our community. A gap was identified between startups and resources and since then SALC, through the SALC Startup Tucson Advisory Committee, has been working with Startup Tucson to oversee the creation, funding, and implementation of a tool to help solve this problem.

“SALC applauds the work of Startup Tucson in developing this comprehensive new resource

for entrepreneurs in our region. We are pleased to partner in making it happen as the innovation economy plays a significant role in the quality of life and prosperity for all in Southern Arizona.” – Ted Maxwell, President and CEO of Southern Arizona Leadership Council.

The free guide is accessible at and will be regularly updated and maintained by the Startup Tucson team.


Startup Tucson is 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to transform our region’s economy through entrepreneurship and education. Startup Tucson executes this mission by providing education and culture building programs and events to grow a high-impact entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem. You can find information about the organization and upcoming opportunities to engage at For questions or comments, please reach out to Liz Pocock directly at

Southern Arizona Leadership Council’s mission is to improve greater Tucson and the state of Arizona by bringing together resources and leadership to enhance the economic climate and quality of life in our communities. You can find more information about the organization at

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