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Revolute Robotics Reaches Next Milestone

Startup Tucson is happy to share some exciting news from member company Revolute Robotics, our Student Entrepreneurship Prize winner from IdeaFunding 2022. Read more about the Phoenix-based tech startup that is disrupting the tech industry with their Hybrid Mobility Robot (HMR) and discover their exciting news!

Q: Describe your company. What’s your product and what problem are you solving for your customers?

A: At its core, Revolute Robotics seeks to push the boundaries of what's possible in robotic technology. Our groundbreaking HMR seamlessly merges the capabilities of drones and rovers. By doing so, it can operate for longer durations, and effortlessly navigate confined spaces and complex environments. Whether it's conducting dangerous inspections, automating security patrols, or aiding our military soldiers in battlefields, HMR is designed to minimize human risks while maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

Q: What was the inspiration behind creating the HMR?

A: The concept of a hybrid aerial and terrestrial robot was birthed during Sahand Sabet’s internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Sahand's passion for this dual-function robot led him to delve deep into research and, subsequently, his PhD dissertation revolved around creating robots with such capabilities. The journey took a turn when he connected with Collin Taylor, a seasoned professional from the commercial drone industry. Their combined expertise and shared vision resulted in the foundation of Revolute Robotics in 2021. And after two years and over 24 prototypes, we have the HMR.

Q: What has the response been like for the HMR, and what are the future prospects?

A: The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Hundreds of companies have expressed interest, particularly for inspecting dangerous confined spaces. Such inspections have traditionally been costly, time-consuming, and laden with risks. We’re confident that our HMR can address these challenges efficiently, reducing costs and potential hazards. Currently, we're alpha-testing HMR with local drone service firms to fine-tune the system. Additionally, we've also launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, offering enthusiasts a chance to invest in the robotics future with us.

Q: How do you envision the future of Revolute Robotics and HMR's role in the industry?

A: We believe that HMR is just the beginning. The success of this prototype has opened the doors to a myriad of opportunities in inspections, security, defense, and many more sectors. Our aim is to constantly innovate, ensuring that our creations always stay a step ahead and continue to redefine the robotics industry.

To discover more about Revolute Robotics and their revolutionary Hybrid Mobility Robot, or to support their crowdfunding campaign, visit Stay updated with their latest developments by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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