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Startup Tucson is a community-oriented nonprofit, committed to supporting the dreamers, builders, and makers that fuel the economic future of our vibrant city. 


Check out which programs were designed with you in mind. 

First-Time Founders

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High-quality, low-cost

education to take your business from idea to launch. 

Learn business fundamentals with qualified experts guiding you every step of the way.

Small Businesses

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Not a techie? No problem!


From creative makers to main street Startup Tucson can connect you to the education, experts, and know-how you need to build or grow a thriving business. 

Scaling Ventures


Your business has launched and you are gathering traction, but you want to take your venture to the next level.


Check out our services for scaling ventures and experienced founders.  

Farmers & Food Biz

Farmers and Producers

Through the support of the USDA, Startup Tucson and our partners have created Food Forward, a suite of services to support the agricultural producers and foodpreneurs that make Tucson a City of Gastronomy.

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We are always building and adding NEW programs and services to meet the emerging needs of our community. Sign up for our newsletter and social channels to be looped into the latest developments. 

Since I arrived in Tucson a couple of years ago, Startup Tucson has helped me get my bearings as a new entrepreneur, and connected me with key advisors, opportunities, and mentors. And they make it so easy to get started too - I went to my first Startup Coffee a couple of weeks after moving and haven't looked back"

- Early Stage Tech Startup Founder

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